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How Easily Do You Date?


Nov 9, 2010
I'd really rather not date someone without knowing them well first. I have no interest in a "just for fun" kind of relationship. If I decide to date someone, it's because I really like them for who they are. The topic of dating has been on my mind recently with going back to school. I've started to realize that even though I may find some girls in my classes attractive, I have no interest in dating, because I barely know them. I just have to hope that the right person, and the right circumstances happen.


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010

Dating isn't just what couples do, it's what 2 people do to get to know eachother and decide if they're compatible with one another and work well or not, and just have fun together. And if they're not compatible, it's still a fun thing to do! So sure, if I get asked out on a date then I'll say yeah if I'm single, and the guy's at least semi-dateable. Something might be there and something might not, but it's always worth a shot in life. Can find love in the oddest of places. :P And if you don't find love, might find a really close friend! I'd be happy with either result.

So as long as the guy or girl knows that it's just two friends on a date, and this is not just me saying yes to actually being in a relationship with them, then it's all good.

Also, if it's a free meal, I'm there! ;)

^ yes

Personally, if a total cutiepie came up to me and asked me out, chances are I'd say yes, provided that he or she isn't a total tool. I have no problem with non-serious, just for fun dating. I think there's a significant difference between going on dates and being in a relationship. If I didn't like the person after the first date, I wouldn't go on a second. No big deal.

Most of the time, my real crushes happen for people that I've known for a while. I have a nasty habit of falling for my best friend. I think any serious relationships would stem from knowing each other for a while, but I'm open to going out spur of the moment too.


embrace the brand new day
Oct 23, 2012
I date easily. Whether I know the person beforehand or not isn't something that matters when it comes to dating. Dating is used to get to know a person and getting to know them in a more intimate and personal way. I wouldn't go steady/get serious with someone I don't know, if going steady is what OP means.


Jul 1, 2012
I'm guess "dating" in American terms is basically a more causal relationship or a pre-relationship of sorts, so by that basis then pretty quick.

I don't see the point in wasting time, I just see it as more natural, more of my reaction when wanting to get to know a girl who I'm interested in. Usually if I know a girl for a while I'll be less inclined to make a move as it tends to be more complicated. A lot of "relationships" that I've been involved in have been quick flings that may just be a random week or two or the famous one night stand.

Most of the time I'm not looking for anything too serious, so quick and easy dating is usually the best option, so acting quicker obviously saves time and I think it's a lot better to act upon initial feelings or attraction rather than wait.


~The Wolfos Furry~
Aug 24, 2013
Well, I haven't been in a relationship since my last BF left me for another girl. (last February before valentines day) But I'd havta say I'd want to get to know them first. Right now this is the type of guy I'm searching for:
1. Funny
2. Not a cheater (or has ever cheated)
3. loves me for me (including my flaws)
4. A christian
5. Honest
6. Loyal
7. Trusting
8. Doesn't care that I carry a stuff animal around and believe that he's real
9. Has a phone so we can text
10. has parents that like me for who I am
11. Never has smoked or done drugs
12. Never got introuble with the law
13. Is ok that I can be a little bossy
14. Loves Doctor Who and Wizard101
15. Doesn't swear ever

But everytime I make the list, I feel that there isn't anyboy that'll fit it. But I'd defently want to get to know the boy before I date him.
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Sep 19, 2011
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Oh my goodness gracious patches of this thread stink of fish some more than others. I however am here to smash the ******** some people have spread around this thread and grace you all with how relationships really should happen.

#1 For men if a girl ever wants a free meal out of you pick up the plate and smash it over her head, A relationship needs to always meet in the middle you both pay for half the meal this not only strengthens bond and passion it shows you are more of a human being.

#2 Make sure neither one of you act too stupid, there's nothing worse than seeing two people on a date laughing it up like fools, I normally get a hose pipe and spray them with water.

#3 Never date Sunny D girls ever
Jan 1, 2011
I haven't went on a date in... 8 months now. I don't really have much interest of dating anymore because I'm more concerned of getting my life back to where I want it before I ****ed it up

But when I do seek interest into a guy; he must be funny but not too annoying about it, somewhat fit (sorry guess, I don't like dating men who have bigger boobs than I do, or in general) have a damn good personality, and have brown hair.

Yeah I'm just picky


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Mar 16, 2012
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As a first-year college student, I've never dated. Its not like I'm a total witch that has the worse attitude towards people. I just feel that there are much more fun & important things to do than start dating. I don't really decide to go after some guy; it seems too forced. I'd rather have someone just come into my life naturally. And if no one does, that's fine with me. I'll always have some good friends to hang out with.


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
I don't date.

I don't even touch people.

I'm really awkward.

wat's a day-teh

i don't understand

No, but really though, I could never understand how some people date so easily. Maybe it has to deal with attractiveness??? Oh, that would explain a loootttt.

brb eating 69584839948486969696996969 tubs of ice cream


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May 26, 2010
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I date really easily. It's as simple as saying "would you date me?" and getting quick results.

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