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Tech Help How Do You Record a Computer Screen?


Nov 11, 2011
Hey guys, I have a question. How do you record what's being shown on a computer screen, like the YouTube Minecrafters do?
Dec 23, 2011
For gaming and other 3D accelerated stuff, Fraps is hard to beat. For just plain desktop recording, VirtualDub is my tool of choice. It does way more than just screen recording, but among it's many functions are video capture from any device, including the screen itself.


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Jun 30, 2010
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Fraps for pc.

Quicktime player for mac. When you have it launched, look at the top of your screen it says "screen recording". Bada boom.

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Apr 4, 2012
I personally use either Hypercam or Camstudio. If you have webcam software (such as YouCam), it may be able to record your computer screen as well.


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Aug 25, 2008
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If you have a Mac and running OS X Lion (That's what my laptop came with, so it may work on earlier OSs, too), there is a feature built into OS X Lion that allows you to record.

To access this, go to Quicktime, go to File, and select "New Screen Recording." From there, your screen should record once you hit the nice record button.

Now, in terms of Windows, I've really only used FRAPS. Sure, the price is steep, but it's really good software. I haven't tried it on a quad core computer (I've only used it on a Pentium IV), but it should run quite nicely. However, if your game allows demo recording (Source Engine powered games can do this), set it to record your gameplay, and it shall record everything you do, sans your own voice. Then, you can set it to render frame-by-frame, so you can get 30FPS or greater, depending on what you want to do, even on settings your computer couldn't handle.


Sep 19, 2011
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Whatever you do don't record it with your 1mp phone camera then upload it to youtube :'(

Camstudio and hypercam are both free however hypercam has a watermark.
Fraps is an excellent screen recorder but costs a pretty penny.

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