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How Do You Pronounce Names?


Thrilla in Manilla
Apr 12, 2012
I thought of that but to me it too much sounds like the Muslim bible (the Quran) and so wouldn't be appropriate.

how is that not appropriate?


Ghriahim- gear-ah-heem
Epona- eh-pon-ah
Fi- fee/fye I switch it up sometimes
Koume- coo-me
Kotake- co-tah-kay

Pie Master

Master of cakes and pies
May 13, 2012
Somewhere in the jungles of Qoetzacotloal's
Fi- Fye
Ghirahim- Gi (as in gimmick) - rahim
Saria- Se - rya
Epona- E - po - na
Farore- Fa - ro - re
Koume- Ko - oo - me
Kotake- Ko - ta - ke
Navi- Navi as in navigator
Tael- Tail
Tatl- Tattle
Aryll- E - rill
Ilia- Ee - lya
Nayru- Nai - ru

From a breakdown I tend to sound them either like in Japanese (Koume, Kotake) or like my home language (Portuguese) (Aryll, Epona, Farore), and some are me trying to sound like I'm speaking English (Tael, Tatl, Saria)
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One of the Sheikah
May 1, 2012
Fi - Fee
Ghirahim - Gear-ah-him
Farore - Fa-roar-ee
Navi - Nah-vee
Nayru - Nare-roo
Tatl - Tattle
Tael - Tay-el
Deku - Deck-oo
Aryll - Are-ee-ill
Karane - Ca- rain
Ilia - I-lee-ah
Epona - Eh-poe-na
Saria- S-arr-ee-a


Boy Wonder
Jun 22, 2011
Behind you
Fi - fee
Ghiarhim - Gear-uh-heem
Farore - Fair-or
Navi - Nah-vee
Nayru - nigh-rue
Tatl - Tattle
Tael - Tale
Deku - Deck-oo
Aryll - Air-ill
Ilia - Ill-ee-uh
Epona - Eh-puh-nuh
Saria - Sair-ee-uh
Koume - Kuum
Kotake - Koh-take

I pronounce them weirdly, I think.
May 18, 2012
Canada :D
Fi- Fye
Ghirahim- Gear-ah-him
Saria- Saar-ee-a
Epona- Eee- Pwn- Uh
Faorore- Fair-or-ee
Koume- Co-ooh-me
Kotake- Co-tak-ee
Navi- N-ah-vee
Tael- Tail
Tatl- Tattle
Aryll- Ar-el
Ilia- Ill-ee-uh

:) Yeah that's how I say them.
May 27, 2012
Fi = Fee (I know it's actually pronounced Fi like "Wi-Fi" but I like "fee" better)
Ghirahim = Gear-uh-him
Saria = Sar-eye-uh
Epona = Ep-own-uh
Faorore = For-or-"A"
Koume = Koo-may
Kotake = Co-take (I think her name is supposed to be pronounced Co-talk-"A" but I think my way is better. They're twins so they should both have two-syllable names)
Navi is short for "navigator" so that one should be obvious
Tatl and Tael should also be obvious since their names are from the word "tattle-tail"
Aryll = Ar-eel
Ilia = Ill-ee-uh


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
Fi- Fye
Ghirahim- Gear-uh-him
Saria- Sar-ee-uh
Epona- Eh-poe-nuh
Faorore- Fah-roar
Koume- Cooh-may
Kotake- Co-tahk-ay
Navi- N-aah-vee
Tael- Tail
Tatl- Tattle
Aryll- Air-ill
Ilia- Ill-ee-uh
I feel like i say farore different than a lot of people...

Also, for the longest time i had no clue that the first letter of ilias name was an I i thought it was another L so I used to pronounce her name Lee-uh
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FPT | Breb
Nov 28, 2011
Maricopa, Arizona
Fi- Fee
Ghirahim- Gear-uh-heem
Saria- Sar-ee-uh
Epona- Ee- Pown- Uh
Faorore- Fair-or
Koume- Coo-may
Kotake- Co-tahk
Navi- N-aah-vee
Tael- Tail
Tatl- Tattle
Aryll- Air-ee-ill
Ilia- Ill-ia
Jul 24, 2011
Farore= Fah-roar
Fi= Fye
Tael= Tah-el
Tatl= Tattle
Koume= Coh-oo-meh
Kotake= Coh-tah-keh
Deku= Deck-oo

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