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How Do You Make Your Pokemon Experience More Enjoyable?

Dec 21, 2011
Lets admit it guys, Pokemon is a pretty easy game. Its not that hard to create a team with uber powered Pokemon, give them the best moveset, and take out everyone by just clicking a move. The last time I had a challenge in a Pokemon game was Red/Blue/Yellow.

So do you guys do anything interesting to make your journey through the games more enjoyable/difficult?

Me personally, I never evolve my Pokemon and I try not to use any healing items/power boosting items. What about you?
Dec 23, 2011
Well, I usually try to drift towards using Pokemon I actually like, rather than just the best.
That generally makes my experience more enjoyable. ^^
Dec 22, 2011
I pretend Im the trainer. Make Bonds with the Pokemon, and then challange myself by not leveling them as high as they should be. :)
I tried to get as many ribbons as I could on one pokemon (I made it to 16), once I got a bunch of each and had like an army of eeveelutions, I tried making poffins in D/P but then my friend used a poffin cheat because she was playing and now everytime I try to open my poffin case the screen goes black until I turn it off, I tried growing my own berries and fertalizing them, and lastly in the end it showed your team that beat the PKMN gym so I tried to have a team that won and when it showed them in the final picture, you could see all thier faces. I ran out of ideas too though :P
Dec 19, 2011
Try to stick with one main element type for the entire game. of course there are the HM users, but i suggest an HM slave pokemon that is able to use several HMs at once. it's really challenging :D
Apr 4, 2012
I try to catch all the pokemon that appear in the game and try to make eveyone evolution to the next level.

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