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How Do You Friend?


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Nov 10, 2011
Wisconsin, United States
Hey all,

I'm curious about the friending dynamics of this forum. What leads you to friend requesting someone? Accepting friend requests? What about denying them?

Personally, I friend/accept friend requests if I have interacted with others a couple of times on the forums. I have never denied a friend request, but I probably would if the person had what I would consider innapproprate behavior (things like spamming, offensive conversation, being a downright creep, etc.). What's your rules on friending?
I usually send a friend request to someone if I perceive them to be an insightful poster. Obviously the first people I ever messaged on this site I have on my friends list and many are still around including Thareous, Axle, Kybyrian, and Majora's Cat. I always accept friend requests no matter the person's reputation or lack thereof on the forums for I deem it rather rude not to. :)
Nov 28, 2011
I've never sent a friend request, but I do accept them indiscriminately. I figure, you know, what difference does it really make?


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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
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Most of the times I don't even think about adding friends. I know who my friends are on here and yes I do get friends requests and accept them but I often have other things on my mind then thinking about sending out friends requests. Just say I'm a bit chaotic :lol;


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Apr 9, 2010
I never deny anyone who sends me a friend request. I never have, and I doubt I ever will. I like to let everyone know that I'm approachable and nice (most of the time), so even if we hadn't gotten along particularly well, I would still accept their friend request. I even always accept people I don't know, or have never even talked to, for a similar reason. For one thing, I see no harm in it. I don't mind having people I don't know too well in my friend list. However I would feel bad rejecting a friend request. I just find it easier to accept them all. Plus, as I mentioned before, I like people to know I'm approachable. Anyone who wants to send me a friend request can.

I typically send friend requests for three reasons. One is when I've seen a user around the forums for a good amount of time and get to know their posts a little bit. By then, they probably know me well enough too. Another is when I come across an exceptionally great post, be it very insightful or very funny, or if I see someone who shares a hobby of mine (because then I get excited about sharing my obsessions). The last way I usually friend people is when I find a new user or someone who has not made any friends yet. I like to reach out to people who might be a little bit shy, because I remember being in that position when I was a new member here, and I remember and appreciate dearly the first members who so warmly welcomed me to ZD and conversed with me early on. Without them, I probably wouldn't have gotten involved in this site. :)
May 5, 2012
If i have spoke to them a bit and they seem nice and they chat back i'll send a request. If someone sent me one i'd accept it


Someone You Met Online
Dec 17, 2011
Cleveland, Ohio
I don't send requests because I feel by sending one I'd be bothering them, like I wouldn't start talking to someone if they were listening to music would I? It's like, if they want to be my friend, they'd send me a request. I usually accept all requests(unless it's a spammer or something) because I'm friendly guy and no one is really bad on ZD.


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Oct 16, 2011
-Lol- people ask me why I don't accept so many friend request all the time.

They all make the one simple mistake. They never say hi, hello, how are you. Any type of greeting really. They just add me. That's not how I work.

If your not gonna make the effort to even introduce yourself, why should I make the effort to add you as a friend.

Oh, and I don't add moderators or administrators.
May 2, 2012
I have no rules on befriending on forums, I kind of feel like it's networking. Well it pretty much is but from a business point of view. I'm going to be working in the video gaming industry one day so I want to at least experience a video gaming community at least a few times in my life, so yeah I accept anyone that sends them. I usually send requests though if I have a nice chat with someone.


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Apr 5, 2012
I send a request if I have read a few of their posts and the user seems to be someone I could get along well with.
I always accept requests as well.
May 5, 2012
In the land of no return :D
I'm a bit shy when it comes to meeting new ppl so I don't really send out friend requests unless I've talked to someone enough to feel a bit more comfortable sending the request.

As for accepting, I accept all friend requests because I am a friendly person, and don't really like rejecting them lol :D


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Jun 18, 2011
I don't send out friend requests myself, but I accept every request sent to me. Personally the "friend" feature here doesn't really matter so much to me, I just don't see the useful aspect of it. Facebook is the only place I actively "friend" someone (and it's always people I know), everywhere else I prefer to engage in following/subscribing.

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