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Nintendo How Do You Feel About 3D World Having Unique Elements in Super Mario Maker 2?

In the Nintendo Direct earlier today, it was revealed that the Super Mario 3D World game theme would have elements that would be in no other game theme. That's a break from the original Mario Maker where almost all elements could be translated into the other themes (except for some exceptions like Goomba's Shoe in SMB1/SMB3 becoming Yoshi in SMW/NSMBU).

Now, if you want to change the level theme to Super Mario 3D World, all level elements will be reset. I think that adds a unique flair to the 3D World theme, but I wish I could use things like clear pipes in the other game themes. That limits the new possibilities for the older game themes. All in all, this was my one disappointment of the direct.

How do you feel about this?
Im fine with it. I actually like that a thing has exclusove features. It makes it useful and interesting, at least you know youll have unique features in that style rather than the other 4 which will all play the same but just look different.
Jun 14, 2011
Well they've got to justify that title somehow...

I like the idea. It's a tad shame you can't create a proper 3D level, that would of really shined, but at least it's something new to try out. I'm kind of glad it's unique to the other styles, I think it would be a complete mess if they threw every feature in every style, so some restraint in unique features is kind of welcoming.


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Jul 31, 2010
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My only gripe about how amazing and unique the 3D World theme looked is that that creativity is being wasted on a game like this and not in a brand new 2D game that they had 7 years to make but decided to settle with a port of NSMB U instead. Otherwise, I don't really mind that it has unique features the other ones don't. I'm actually glad they didn't limit its potential just to fit with the other ones. Otherwise a 3D World would have been pretty pointless.

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