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How Do You Attack?

Sir Quaffler

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When facing enemies for the very first time I tend to become extremely analytical, making notes of their attack strategies before deducing their weakness and acting accordingly; sometimes this backfires, Demise and Scervo were extremely aggressive & upfront and caused me to panic and flail about.

When facing enemies I've already fought before, though, I try to be as varied as possible. It's not really a matter of handicapping myself or of making the most efficient kill as possible, I go for the most intersting kills. Especially with bosses, I love to see just what kind of alternative ways I can damage them rather than the "right" way. Sometimes this doesn't work, since sometimes bosses and enemies really have only one way to fight them (Dead Hand and Volvagia come to mind), while a very select few are so difficult that I can only find one way to come out on top (I'm looking at you Demise...)

But yeah, whether it's randomly throwing Din's Fire around, rolling around with the Goron spikes, no-scoping with the bow, putting the Beetle to work killing my enemies from afar, or swinging the ball and chain around cuz I feel like it, I always try to find the most oddball manner of killing enemies.


I just beat the crap out of them with my sword or I use the next best method of torture. Although, sometimes, I just push them down a hole to their doom.(if possible)


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Feb 10, 2012
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Usually I just go blazing through with the sword. However, I do like taking the role of sniper and sniping enemies from afar. Especially in Twilight Princess with the Hawkshot, you can snipe people like it's nobodies business. I usually don't toy with my enemies. I just dispatch them without mercy....or run past them because I don't care to deal with them lol.


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Dec 19, 2011
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Depends on the enemy. If it's just a Keese, I just slash at it until it's dead. If it's a boss, I take the more defensive side, and ready accordingly for the battle, although it depends on the easiness- level of the boss.
But with toying them... I just run to a spot where they can't come, but are still in my range of view, I just take my bow and shoot them while they are running around looking stupid. The most best way to do this is in TP, while coming from Kakariko, and heading to Hyrule Field, there are those Bulblins atop Bulbos. When you enter the field you notice there's a huge pit leading to a bottomless chasm. All you need to do, is to trick the Bulblins atop the Bulbos to the other side of the pit, while you run to the other side, and then shoot them with arrows, haha, they look just priceless running to the pit! BUT, leave a one Bulbo left. Go behind it and lure it to the edge of the pit, then slash at it with your sword, and watch it run to the chasm, I'm telling you it's HILARIOUS XD


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Jul 27, 2010
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I'm usually pretty aggressive when attacking enemies, yet I'm also tactical. I tend to find ways to manipulate enemy AI; for instance, with Gerudo guards in OoT, I use the Hookshot quickly to get them to jump and then attack with the sword. When evading I tend not to use shields that much, but I do a lot of sidehops and backflips. I usually like to use swords, but I also snipe enemies such as Keese or Guays with the Bow.
Apr 14, 2012
I am an old skooler, so I go with the boomerang, sword and shield starting off. I usually charged up spin attacks when confronted with multiple enemies. When I get the Hook shot I replace the boomerang with the hook shot. I am a hoarder so I don't use arrows or bombs in combat unless I have to. If its a 3d Zelda game, I spam juke/roll button like crazy.


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Apr 26, 2012

or, if i'm in one of my brightest days (almost never) I elaborate a strategy.


Sep 20, 2008
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I like using weird weapons. In TP I loved using the spinner on the lizalfos' in Hyrule Field. I don't know why, I just did. The ball and chain was another weapon I used a lot. Great for getting rid of Keese by the way. Those are the only examples I can think of, but the more unique a weapon the more likely I am to use it.
Oct 16, 2012
I seem to always smash the attack button, or in skyward sword's case, swing the wiimote until all the enemies on screen die! Sometimes I go in with a plan... But I usually just end up going with my normal ways... :)

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