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How Do I Tell?

Mar 13, 2011
Hey havent been on in awhile but I'm better now and back and in need of help?

Ok so I've been dating this girl for a year and 7 months, and we are very.committed we've been.all the way and back?
That's beside the.point though,

A few nights ago i attended a party on which I got wasted and I woke up in a bed naked with another girl I wore protection or so I woke up with it? So I never really you know came in her,

But I need help on how to tell my girlfriend and maybe stay with her, she was my first, and I love her, but I think I may have actually skrewed up and I really need some advice.on what to do??
Aug 25, 2011
Well.... Tell her... if she is not OK with it, and accept your apology, you have to live with that.... Life if full of consequences.

That Said... being a Father myself I must say.. seeing your age is 16 you need to slow down and be a kid... you will have plenty of time for all that soon enough..

Not judging you I did that sort of stuff when I was your age too... but I also ended up with kids before I graduated.... Good luck.... Hope I helped.
Mar 13, 2011
Well it worked guys thanks for the advice we talked it out and we are still together we had a large arguement though it wasnt smooth but afterwards was good caise yall don't need to know that anyway thanks for the help

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