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How Did You Meet Link?


Mar 11, 2011
I first met him in A Link to the past. But I got to know him and his soul a little in Oot and truly got to know him in TP.


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
Super Smash Bros. (Ahh, the memories of that game...)

Same friend that showed me Ocarina of Time showed me Smash Bros.

In a bar in Sarasota about two years ago. He was over there talking to some fairy but you could see he was getting really tired of her already. From across the room I could hear the constant "Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen!" That's enough to drive anyone away after about five minutes. He took down a few more drinks.

Then started leering at my girlfriend. And I was right there next to her too, he acted like I wasn't even there! But his buddy was staring at my friend Shaun which I thought was hilarious.

But back to me, that drunk moron walked over and actually started drunkenly hitting on Kim while I was right next to him. Well I had to turn him around and set him straight. I said "Hey, who the %$# are you to come over here and talk to my girlfriend?!" Then he burped some and then attempted to slur some words together angrily saying something like
"You..... know wwwhhooooooo I am!? Iiiii'''mmmmmmmmm the guy who marched through severn er...uhh.....eight-ish dungeonnnnzzees, uhh.....and killed that Ganor---ummm guy. Soooooo ...people like you can sit here....and drink.....I really got to pee!"

Then he swung the bottle in his hand at me but missed at threw it across the bar hitting the wall near some more people. I grabbed his arm to stop him from doing anything else but by then the police arrived and we both were arrested. After spending a few hours in holding together he sobered up and we actually got to know each other pretty well. He was apparently kind of depressed that he spent a few weeks rescuing some princess and getting turned into animals and stuff doing it. Killing all these monsters and taking down a dark lord. Only to be turned down by that same princess he spent so much time rescuing because she was arranged by her father to marry some prince a few kingdoms away. So he was just angry. Turns out he was kind of cool. We have been friends ever since.

Okay, actually I first saw Link at a friend's house years ago. He had the original LoZ which I thought looked cool because of the shiny gold cartridge it came in. Playing for an hour or so I wanted to keep playing. So I found a copy for myself and kept going. Liked the series ever since.
It was funny until after the picture of "Linebeck." Then it just got redundant.


I be a Kokiri~
Feb 24, 2009
In a city along the Great Bay coast
Super Smash Bros Melee! I was a huge Sega fan for a long time, so all things Nintendo were my enemy because of the whole Sonic/Mario rivalry. My cousin had a Gamecube and he made us play Melee, so I started out as Kirby, then Pickachu, and then eventually I took interest in Young Link. After a while I was like "Hey this dude is pretty cool" and then I started doing some google searches and looking at all the pictures (fanart lol) I could find without even knowing what the games were about. A while later I watched a friend play Wind Waker at their house, which I went and bought a few months later. I didn't really beat it, but I did play it a little. Then as I learned more about the series, I eventually got the Collectors Edition and finished Ocarina of Time! Fell in love with the game, started MM, finished WW, and then joined Legendofzelda.com. Since then I've just learned a whole bunch about the series. Lots of fun!~

Tell you what, Nintendo is smart for making the Smash Bros series. Got me interested~


Sage of Destiny
Jul 1, 2010
Chamber of Sages
Probs from SSBB. After i did a little more research on the zedla franchise, i bought phantom hourglass, spirit tracks, and got OoT, MM, and ALTP on the wiis virtual console.

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