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How deep do you go into Zelda?


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Dec 26, 2017
(disclaimer: this is not meant to be a brag thread)

So, like probably more of you, Zelda is my favorite franchise, and because I enjoy the series so much, I did not only feel the need to play and complete every zelda game, but also to atleast fully 100% them all once, well atleast the mainline canon games.
I think I'm up to date at the moment, depending if you count treasure chests in BOTW to be fully 100%ing that game(which is not only insane, but also impossible due to glitch chests, thanks Nintendo)
There has been some challenges I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies in there(and no, all korok seeds isn't even one of them) like all the rings in the oracle games, the cucco minigame in ALBW, getting all single player checkmarks in tri-force heroes, the original Nintendo gallery quest, and maybe its just me being insane, max rank in both PH and ST multiplayer (although i'm sad to say I didn't end up being max rank in PH before the servers shut, but I was it once atleast)
This is just how I enjoy the series, and I wouldn't have it any other way, (besides, I'm in far too deep now)
I'm also really glad Hyrule Warriors isn't a mainline game.

So, how about you? Do you shelf the game once you beat the final boss? or stick around and go for the 100%? Or maybe only for your truly favorite Zelda games?

(Yeah nvm this thread is totally to brag, go wild.)


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Apr 10, 2017
I am not usually one to 100% games. Hell, I don't even do 95% of the minigames... I replay them at least, but more just for pleasure. I'm trying to get into speedrunning
(Tries to ignore the innuendo thread title)

I never 100% Zelda games, I'm not good enough (although I accidentally 100%ed MM3D).

But I go deep into the lore (which is the most important aspect of Zelda for me). I know the timeline, the lore, the retcons, the locations and places and itdms and all that jazz (same with Metroid until Other M).

Knowing the lore helps my hype for new games in franchises before their releases instead of getting excited about pressing buttons (which i can do in any game).

As for how i play Zelda in general; I'll stick around after the story is done and Ganon has fallen and collect heart pieces etc, i don't make it a mission to 100% any game because I just want to enjoy them, a 100% goal detracts from my natural intrigue and fun.

I enjoy playing Zelda and being in (most of) their worlds so just because the story is done it doesn't mean I am (unless i didn't enjoy it).

Ive completed the story in all Zelda games aside from FS because i never had friends and missed out on the Anniversary Edition.


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Jul 5, 2017
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Came here for explicit content, I am extremely disappointed. Reported for false advertising.

For the most part, Zelda games have good replayability values and you can complete games many different challenging ways. I will always try to 100% a game within reason, with the exception being kook seeds. I'll also beat the game a couple times to get the most out of the dialogue I may have missed.

Also the lore is interesting enough to where I'll spend a few hours on the wikis looking up each character and discovering fun facts about them.

Other than that, once I get my fill of the games, I usually don't play them again unless I get a special itch to play them.


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Oct 3, 2014
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I usually just do a "normal" run through on my first play- just playing through the game and any sidequest I happen upon.
But then I usually do go back and do a 100%- with the exception of the Korok seeds.


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Jun 18, 2011
I only 100% the games where doing so remains an enjoyable and worthwhile process, so some of them I have 100%-ed and others I'm content with just beating regularly.


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May 4, 2012
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I've never 100% a zelda game, even wind waker which is the one I've had the longest I've never found all the heart pieces [I need like two more pieces]
I used to replay the games often when I was younger,but ever since I started to earn money to buy games and gained a backlog,I haven't had the chance to do so,in fact I've been meaning to replay skyward sword ever since 2015,but I still haven't done so yet

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Jan 17, 2011
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It depends. Some minigames I just can’t do, like Octorok baseball or fun fun island. When it starts being so frustrating that it feels like it’s not even worth it, then I stop. Fortunately those things are few in number. I generally try to 100% each game I play, even in replays. It feels like I’m getting the full experience that way.


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I don't have the time or dedication to 100% any of the games, so I usually play them through at my own pace until I finish the main storyline of the game and the credits roll. Generally that would satisfy me enough to say I've "completed" it.

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