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How BotW2 and CaC supports a DT theory for BotW

Oct 5, 2016
Manly man
CaC confirms that Calamity Ganon is Ganondorf I, and it is also mentioned that he eventually ''lost his sense of reason'', which he does in the DT. Now in BotW2's trailer, we see a human body of Ganondorf. Now, in the DT, we so far haven't seen Ganondorf in his human form, but we have a precedent for mindless demons getting their human(oid) form back in The Imprisoned/Demise, and with the amount of time between the other games and BotW, it's very probable for that to happen. It can't be TWW Ganondorf's body since he was petrified and obliterated, with the Japanese version of HH saying that his body shattered afterward. It can't be TP Ganondorf, since he was reincarnated as Ganondorf II, and it can't be Ganondorf II because BotW implies and CaC outright confirms that it's Ganondorf I and Ganondorf II is still stuck in the FS. So the DT remains the most probable. But there's another point to consider: Ganondorf's ears.

In CaC(and I think BotW itself, but I don't remember) it's said that the Gerudo used to have round ears, (which they did in OoT) and in BotW we see that they have pointed ears. The fact that Ganondorf has round ears when he never got pointed ears as a human in the DT is very telling to me.

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