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How Are You Feeling About the Mario Movie?

We got the first trailer for the Super Mario Bros. movie today. What are your thoughts on it?

I think the animation looks great, and I also like Jack Black's Bowser voice a lot. I'm still not sold on Chris Pratt's Mario voice. I wonder what the story will be, but from the penguin scene, it seems multiple kingdoms will be shown, not just the Mushroom Kingdom.
I was blown away.

I honestly didn't know what to think of this movie when I first heard of it. I was excited, very excited, but I was also nervous because there were so many ways this could go wrong. The voice actors were an odd choice to me, and I was finding it hard to picture Bowser with Jack Black's voice and Mario with Chris Pratt's. But they both did an awesome job, especially Jack Black. I love how much personality Bowser already has just on the teaser trailer alone.

And don't even get me started on the animation. It's gorgeous. I was admiring every frame with the crisp animation and awesome character designs to the vibrant colors. Mario's design is pretty good! I'll have to get used to his voice but it's already starting to grow on me.

Though the biggest thing the trailer did for me is make it even harder to wait for next year (:

Gosh I'm hyped.
I'm probably just an idiot cuz I haven't played as many modern Mario games as most people but I love that they made Bowser's Castle/Kingdom like a floating fortress. That actually really hecking works. And, the lava and fire animation is phenomenal. Bowser looks sick. It's his eyes that are mostly different from his standard design, but he has a rather elaborate design so slight tweaks I think work a lot better because overall it's very consistent to his expected look. He's big, he's mean, and so imposing.

Mario has a simpler design so every tweak especially on his facial proportions are going to look more uncanny. I think his head might be too wide, or his face is too small for his head? I'm not actually sure what is making it look off but Luigi translated well.

Environments look pretty good. I will need to see more of the Mushroom Kingdom before I decide how I feel about how plush the mushrooms are, though.. but as of right now I'm not really feeling that.

I actually forgot how much of a presence Jack Black has in animated movies now, people memed about Kung Fu Panda and I'm still like thinking of his role in School of Rock as my main impression of what his performance would be. Glad he worked to fill the role of Bowser with the force behind his voice. It feels in character. I do kind of wish Chris Pratt filled the personality of his character a little better. It kind of sounds identical to every animated movie protagonist's voice, though when he says "Mushroom Kingdom, here we come," there is a hint of personality there, so hopefully we see more of that in the movie.

Toad sounds like a Toad, pretty meme.


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Illumination has had some absolute garbage coke out over the years, the only movie of their I enjoyed being the first Despicable Me. I know people like Sing but I couldn't get into it. Secret life of pets was... so yeah I was extremely concerned when this was announced.

THEN they announced the cast and I was even more concerned. Not because I don't like the cast but because I just wasn't sure how they'd do the character's. Jack Black is going to carry this movie though. His Bowser is absolutely amazing and while I don't think I heard enough Mario to really know how I feel about Chris Pratt, the opening of this trailer and the visuals have me wanting to see it for sure.


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mario speaking normally instead of shouting names, onomatopoeias, and interjections as his entire vocabulary is funny enough kinda weird but probably perfectly fine and ideal for the movie

opening was pretty impressive ngl
the animation looks pretty good and leaked mario in action looks perfectly fine


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Looks good to me so far. I'm fairly easy to please when it comes to things like this tbh, but we won't know for sure until it's out!

I've honestly got no complaints so far, all creatures that we've seen stays true to the games and their looks in them, so that's already a plus in my book. I really think it's a good thing Nintendo is keeping involved with the project to the extent that they are and not completely handing over the reins.
I've got nothing against Illumination though, I think they're totally fine. May not be Dreamworks or Pixar levels, but still fine.


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I am... incredibly surprised by how good this actually looks. When I heard it was being worked on by Illumination, I had serious doubts. And you can see their classic sense of humor in the penguin bit. It does looks interesting as far as the story goes. It seems like this is gonna be based around the first time Mario enters the mushroom kingdom. And I actually... liked his voice? I know they were just shooting for all celebrity actors but somehow the voice for Mario works even if it doesn't sound like him. I'm curious to see how this turns out.


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Jun 16, 2020
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Most of it looks pretty decent. The animation's nice and Jack Black as Bowser fits well.

They could've had anyone voice Mario and they really had Chris Pratt voice him sounding just like Chris Pratt lmao.

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The animation looks good to me, so I'm interested to learn more about the plot. Bowser's voice was really good, idk what to think of Chris Pratt's Mario voice because he didn't say much at all. It sounds to me like he was trying to do something slightly different though.

idk if I'll see this at the theater, but I'll definitely watch it at some point.

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I think it looks awful. Lol. I'm surprised by the amount of people that thinks it looks good or are at least surprised that it outdid their expectations.

Mario looks terrible, it's not hard to not mess up how a cartoon character looks in a cartoon movie, but they did. His voice is god awful. Chris Pratt was like the worst choice for him. He's not even trying, he's just doing Chris Pratt voice. Which I expected tbh.

I'm not amazed by the animation. It looks like any other animated movie nowadays. And I think that's one reason I've watched less and less animated movies over the years. Older ones had more charm with their animation to me. But now everything is just 3d, bold colors, and a kinda uncanny look to me.

Bowser was the only good part of the trailer. Jack Black killed it as him. But I'm not surprised because Jack Black goes hard, and is good with voice stuff.

Even the penguins looked a bit weird to me.

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