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Sep 10, 2011
I've been feeling so homesick lately, it's really bringing me down v.v

I was wondering how others around here deal with being homesick. Do you ever feel really homesick when going on vacation? When going to school? How do you manage it?
Are you a person who never feels homesick or is it something you feel easily?

I really have two homes, I suppose, however I only ever feel homesick for my first home/birth place. I'm constantly going back and forth and I never really learned how to deal with being homesick.

Anyways, I'm really just rambling here. Thought it'd be something to talk about at least ^.^


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Apr 26, 2012
I... I don't really have a house anymore... It's sad when you put it that way.
Jun 16, 2012
Faron Woods
I usually get homesick while staying overnight somewhere else from home. Things I handle with is that I just relax or probably take nap to forget about it.


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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
I get homesickness frequently when I'm away. I don't know why I get it, but it's such a burden to deal with. It makes you feel extremely uncomfortable, very upset, and really hits you right in the feels. It's not fun, not fun at all.

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Aug 6, 2011
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Funny you bring this up. We're on a long road trip up the western coast of the United States, all the way into Canada. We're somewhere in Oregon now.

I have to go up to Canada every summer, and I'm always dreading it. I ALWAYS get homesick. It hasn't sunk in quite yet, but I know it will. I miss my friends and my father (because he stayed behind). Sure, it's nice to see all of my family members (since most of them are Canadian) but I really don't fit in there. Everyone's into cooking and walking and... I don't even know... anything that doesn't have to do with computers or video games. :P


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May 26, 2010
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I get homesickness whenever I go traveling anywhere that isn't my home. Spent the night at my grandma's house? I long for home. What's worse is going out of state; I went to Louisiana a few weeks ago and just was dying to return home.

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Jul 24, 2010
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Homesick? I feel bedroom sick when I'm in another part of the house! That's how much I hate traveling. When I go as far as the kitchen all I'm thinking about is how hungry I am and how much I want to be sitting on my bed again. That is the main reason I hate school.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
No I bring all my electronics inside my car, and that becomes my new home. I'm at home with my video games, and snacks :I
My girlfriend lives with me here in England and she is from Rhode Island and they're very different worlds, she travels back there to spend Thanksgiving with her family every year and stays a month before and a little after the event but when she is here she does crave to go back sometimes.

I don't know if it helps her or makes her feel worse, but she frequents google maps and street view a lot just to see the familiar streets etc, she also uses dA to search for pictures. I guess it depends on who you are as to how you deal with it though, you could wrap yourself up in memories and images and pretend or you can try your best to forget, i've only been home sick once or twice, i just put a DVD on and really pay attention to it and try to crawl intot he subject and content and everything that i can see and hear, comedians are good to watch i find. =]


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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
I do not feel homesick either. I'm usually fine wherever I go, and I can tolerate being away from home for extended periods of time. But of course, home is one of the best places to be in.

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