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Spoiler Hint on Origins of Ganondorf(HUGE SPOILERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
I am a little jerkface and have spoiled the entire Skyward Sword plot. please don't hate me Anyways, that aside something really caught my attention, and it feels like Nintendo is fulfilling their promise of revealing a little bit of Ganondorf's origin. It's not literal, but anyone should be able to figure out that the Demise is the "source" of Ganondorf's evil.

"You fight like no man or demon I have
ever known. Though this is not the end.
My hate...never perishes. It is born
anew in a cycle with no end!

I will rise again!

Those like you... Those who share the
blood of the goddess and the spirit of
the hero... They are eternally bound to
this curse.

An  incarnation of my hatred shall
ever follow your kind, dooming them to
wander a blood-soaked sea of darkness
for all time!"

Hmm, that sounds like Ganondorf especially on what he said at the ending of Twilight Princess, doesn't it?

"The history of light and shadow will be written in blood."

Hmm, these guys are quite the blood maniacs, aren't they? Character design-wise they look similar to each other with the flame-like hair, and the menacing face. It's so obvious that Ganondorf is the re-incarnation of Ganondorf. He says that his hatred will be reborn in a cycle that will never end. This brings me to another theory: Are there more than one Ganon. Now I know that there is an official announcement that would contradict this, but just to us gamers, what do you guys think?


It's not only Ganondorf. I think Vaati, Bellum, Malladus etc. are also a incarnation of his hatred.
Oct 11, 2011
Interesting, it might be so that Ganondorf is some kind of "incarnation" of this villain, but perhaps more in his spirit, rather than in form. In other words: I don't see this as an argument towards Ganon being a "spirit" that possesses Ganondorf, but that "evil" manifests itself in Ganondorf.

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The Juror of Courage
Oct 25, 2009
Wherever the winds take me.
I posted this in the other thread about this, but I will post it here for theory's sake.

Four Swords Adventures said:
Ganon... This beast was once of the Gerudo... Once human. He was called Ganondorf! King of Darkness, ancient demon reborn. The wielder of the trident!!

Thoughts anyone?


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
Yup, totally from the Demise. I might support Kill-Bill on this one. Malladus looked pretty darn demonic to me. Every single antagonist had some sort of hatred towards something that was their driving force (some exceptions might be Majora, but the Mask's intentions were unknown).


Yes, and because of Ganondorf killed in WW, Demise tried to destroy Link with Malladus and Bellum.
Oct 11, 2011
To Faedeur

I think that the original Japanese suggests that it was the spirit of the Trident that was reborn, and not Ganondorf.

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Ganon, King of Douchness.
Mar 14, 2011
Over there.
I believe that Ganondorf is indeed Demise reborn.
I also believe that the Ganon in TLoZ/TAoL and ALtTP/OoA/OoS/FSA are different ones than the one from OoT/TWW/TP.
FSA Ganon clearly has a different backstory than OOT/TWW/TP Ganon.

- The stuff that happens in OoT and later TWW/TP happen.

- He then gets killed at the end of TWW/TP.
(The Triforce at the end of TWW in my opinion was placed back into the Sacred Realm to be later once again stolen by an incarnation of Demise.)

- So because of this a new Ganondorf is born prior to TMC because Demise cursed Link and Zelda to be followed by his "hatred" for all eternity.
(If his "hatred" died then it would have to be reborn if it is everlasting.)

- The events prior to TMC and then the events of TMC - FS - FSA take place.

- Later FSA Ganon would break free of the Four Sword and would go on to steal the Triforce prior to ALtTP.
(The reason I think that is because there are some contradictions with OoT/TWW/TP Ganon and ALtTP Ganon being the same, one being the fact the the Knights of Hyrule fought Ganon and not Link making them seem to be two different Ganons.

- The events of ALtTP happen and than later OoA/OoS.

- Yet another Ganon is born prior to TLoZ and this one also steals the Triforce only to be killed at the end of TLoZ and nearly resurrected in TAoL.

So in my opinion there are three Ganons:
3. TLoZ/TAoL.

And I also believe that Malladus is also a incarnation of Demise.

But that is just my opinion.
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