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Sign Ups High Voltage Mafia

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Johnny Sooshi

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Nov 1, 2011
In the wilds of Florida
Come one, come all! The greatest match to see which Electric Pokemon is the strongest! Step right up and enter your favorite Electric Pokemon into this competition and we'll find out which one comes out on top! Remember, no teaming up or we'll have to take drastic measures. Now step right up and enter your Electric Pokemon! We currently have 14 spots open.


So one small stipulation with this that it is a semi-open setup. This will be shown clearly in the game thread once we're ready to kick off. The instructions for this will also be a little more detailed so please pay attention and carefully read your role PMs when you get them.

When you post in here to sign up, you are also allowed to post a specific Electric Pokemon you like. It can be mono or dual type, and primarily or secondarily Electric, as long as it is Electric type. This will be first come, first serve, so if you sign up 1st and pick Pikachu, nobody else will be able to request Pikachu. If you have no preference or don't specify your Pokemon when you sign up, an Electric Pokemon will be selected for you.

And go!

1) Rubik (Zapdos)
2) Pika_Pika42 (Pikachu)
3) Pen (Stunfisk)
4) Morbid Minish (Jolteon)
5) Doc (Manectric)
6) funnier6 (Voltorb)
7) ExLight (Xurkitree)
8) Spiritual Mask Salesman (Electivire)
9) giri (Raichu)
10) Ezlo (Luxray)
11) Max1996ZD (Zeraora)
12) All Might (Zekrom)
13) DekuNut (Rotom)
14) Moe the Moblin (Lanturn)
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