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Heriod77777's New Timeline

Oct 11, 2011
Originally Posted by Nayrulinkx

I ment it can't go exactly there in the CT, sorry for the confusion Anyway, good point!

Oh, well, it's fun to write posts!

Nevertheless, I think I understand your arguments, but would you like to elaborate your opinion on those I presented?

To Heriod77777

What do you think of the Triforce between TP and AlttP?

I think that in order for AlttP to be a sequel to OoT, the Triforce has to return to the Sacred Realm. Therefore, an unknown event needs to have caused it.
The origin of the Triforce pieces in TP seems to be shrouded in mystery, and it's also implied that they got it directly from the goddesses. So I believe that the pieces returned to the SR some time after TP, for unkown reasons (an event which I earlier named the "Second Divine Prank"), because it can symbolically act as a balance to the original one. Thus is AlttP's back story allowed to take place and the Triforce is also allowed to have remained untouched by humans while resting in the SR (since we don't know for sure how it left the SR in TP).

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Oct 25, 2009
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-TP---AlttP gives us a quite unsatisfactory Triforce progression (split in TP, complete in the SR in AlttP)
Wasn't there something that a character in ALTTP said about the Triforce, that it grants the user's wishes as long as they live? Well, what happens when the user dies? When Ganon died, his Triforce of Power left him, possibly to the Sacred Realm/Golden Land. Who's to say that when Link and Zelda died in later years that their Triforces didn't do the same? If that is the case, it could be the bridge needed between the games from this front. Because if we look at the deaths of Triforce bearers we see a trend.

Ganon (TWW) - Unleashed the Triforce prior to death and the Triforce left (possibly to the Sacred Realm) after the King made a wish.
Hero of Time (Future) - When travelling back in time, his Triforce of Courage was split and scattered
Zelda (Future) - Split her Triforce of Wisdom in two, gave one piece to the King of Hyrule, the other was passed down her family line.
Ganon (ALTTP) - Triforce was not a part of his being, like the prior Ganon, and was already in the Sacred Realm/Golden Land when Ganon died.
King of Hyrule (TAOL) - Kept one piece in the Great Palace, passed the other two on to his children.

Perhaps when one dies in possession of the Triforce, without passing it on or relieving it of their person (Such as Ganon from TP), the Triforce returns to the Sacred Realm. If that is the case, then it is possible that neither Link nor Zelda from TP passed on their Triforce pieces, and when they passed on (either from age or battle) their pieces also returned to the Sacred Realm/Golden Land, becoming the Essence of the Triforce we see in ALTTP.

This is all just theoretical, but it is certainly interesting.
Oct 11, 2011
I believe that the TF pieces returned to the SR after TP, but it's very debatable. Ganon's ToP in LoZ remains in his ashes and in WW we see Zelda's family keeping the ToW. It is the only plausible reason if AlttP is a sequel to OoT, but unfortunately we have no actual evidence.

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