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Heart Pieces and Heart Containers?


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Jun 14, 2010
An idea that sparked me the other day: Up to Twilight Princess, Heart Containers were created by four Heart Pieces. In Twilight Princess, this amount was upped to five. And in the DS games, you just earned full Heart Containers in sidequests. This got me wondering: how will we earn our Heart Containers and how many will we need to make a full one?
Nov 7, 2010
as much as I would love to have tons of side quests, I think that over 5 would be excessive, anyway, there can be other rewards for tons of side quests :)


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Apr 9, 2010
Well, I think the heart containers in the DS games, much like in the original LoZ, were given simply because of limitations in the systems. Not enough space for all that, you might say. As far as going from four to five heart containers, I don't think there was actually much to that, just a new idea. Remember that in Twilight Princess, although you needed more Heart Pieces to complete a Heart Container, you came across them all the more frequently. And you always had Fanadi (the fortune teller) to subtly direct you to a Heart Piece you hadn't collected yet.

I personally would like it to stay at five. I think this would help incorperate more sidequests and legnthen the game, too. I don't want cheap sidequests, though, but nothing overly hard. As far as how will we earn our Heart Containers, I think we will see the classic Heart Container after every boss formula, and get other Heart Pieces from sidequests, like we always have. However, I think it would be neat to get some kind of reward for finding a certain number of Heart Containers, like a secret area or something. This is like in TLoS: A Hero's Tale, in which you would have to collect Light Gems. After reaching a certain number of Light Gems, a new area would open up. Although I don't see that really happening, I think it would be cool anyway. :P

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Apr 23, 2011
I think it will be 5, the ds were none but i believe thats because the possibilities on ds are much more limited, and as much that i would love to have 4 like in Oot i think they will try to keep it same as in TP so it catches on,

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I hope they don't use heart containers like in the DS games. I felt that took away from the exploration. I like it better when you have to collect more Pieces of Heart, because that leads to more exploration, which I think is awsome. So I'd say 5. I also liked how there were Pices of Heart in dungeons, too. I felt that added to the reward of exploring the dungeon more thoroughly.


Nov 12, 2010
I hope they keep it at four. TP was my first zelda game so I thought that five was the standard amount. When I played OoT I was like "What?! It's four in here, not five?! Ohmygod, I got robbed in TP! :("

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Sep 28, 2010
I want to see 4 since the heart actually has four chambers and getting a few from SQ's would be nice but don't overuse SQ's.

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