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Have You Ever Met a Famous Person?


Silent Rain

My mom met Ashley Johnson a few years ago. She played Mel Gibsons daughter in the movie "What Women Want." I wasn't with her though. :(


c o u r a g e ;
Jul 20, 2009
Lost Woods
Daddy Yankie, he's this Spanish rapper guy.
I'm, not a fan but I happen to meet him at the airport once.
I got his autograph e.e;;

Deleted member 121

I met MC Chris at one of his shows, and my brother smoked a blunt with him at a different show that tied in with a comic convention. My bro took some cool pics of MC Chris in a Jango Fett costume (helmet off) and several other people dressed as storm troopers surrounding my brother and his friend like they were capturing them. My cellphone died on the way to the show so I couldn't take any pics. But if I ever go to another one of his show I'll be sure to bring a camera. MC Chris is not extremely famous, but if you've ever watched Aqua teen Hunger force he does the voice of the recurring guest MC Pee Pants and all his various reincarnations. MC Chris is a comedian and 'Nerdcore' rapper and at his shows he does mixed concert and stand up comedy. He's a pretty cool guy.

My dad met Robin Williams on a plane. According to my Dad, Robin is actually a pretty cool guy. Apparently he frequently sits in economy/business class on planes to meet and entertain his fans and other passengers. My Dad says he thinks he might have met U2 in the Paris Airport a while back, he said he didn't know if they were. He said a few of them were carrying guitar cases with U2 on them. He said only talked to one of them for a minute but he doesn't know who U2 is so he wouldn't know if that was really U2 or not lol.
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Blood Wolf

Eh, wish my dad had gone pro in BMX'ing when he had the chance. He was very close, but turned down the deal, buuuuuuuut is it alright if I add him? He is in some records file that he told me about that shows that he was almost pro.

If not, then I have not met anyone famous or well known yet. >_<

*EDIT* Scratch that, while looking through old pictures I found myself at about.... 8 or 9, I had met a BMX freestyle crew while they did a performance, apparently by my dad and mom they signed pictures of BMX'ers and my shirt. Now, I just need to find their names... >_<
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I have meet in person a senator before and he is really down to earth as well as he is approachable to


I haven't seen him, but a friend of mine saw Mike Vallely at the skatepark once, I wish I'd been there.


Airbending Slice!
Dec 6, 2008
New Albany, Indiana
Lol. I'm not sure if this counts, but my best friend is sorta famous. He's been in several commercials, some episodes in a TV show, and he was going to be in a few scenes in Disney's G-force, but they cut him out at the last minute.


Sep 20, 2008
Personally, I've met the twins who play the "Weasley Twins", In the Harry Potter Movies.
I've also met this boy from England, called William, who is kinda famous for his singing.

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