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Have You Ever Had Dreams Related to Zelda?

Jul 2, 2012
I, recently, have had dreams about being in Twilight Princess. Like, strangely vivid and extremely creepy, except some things are crazy screwed up. Hyrule field is completely fenced in and i'm trapped inside with a whole lot of foul poes and a Death Sword that always possess me or something. I really don't think a thing about dreams, but have any of you had a Dream being in the place such as Hyrule?
Jan 1, 2011
-I- never have any dreams related to the game series -or any game series- My dreams are either really random, someone dies, or just don't remember. But, I can say that the previous dream -last night- was that I was a Sailor Scout from the Sailor Moon series

That just lets you know how excited I am for this new series :3


Luigi Fan
Apr 20, 2010
Hyrule Castle
I have had dreams about the Zelda series. Some are embarrassing, some are scary, others is dumb. I think it's actually pretty cool, but it's seems dumb at the same time. I have never told anyone about these kinds of dreams. Only to my sister.

I wish not to share my Zelda dreams. It's a bit dumb and embarrassing too.

Other related dreams are mostly futuristical. It's tell me how the future will look in my Point-of-view. Others are scary, of someone dying, getting arrested, hiding from war, etc. I wish most of my dreams can be happy and sweet. Unfortunately, that can't happen.:(


Innocent but not fearful.
Jul 27, 2012
Canada, eh
I have had many dreams about the Zelda series. I remember in one, I was being chased by Ganondorf through an area that looked similar to the Water Temple from OoT. It didn't help that I kept getting lost. :P I always have random dreams that are related to particular videogames, movies, tv shows, etc.


What's Life Without Adult Humor?
Jan 13, 2012
My dreams are usually random jumbles of things and none of 'em make a lick of sense..... but I have had A LOT of Zelda involvement in them.
My dreams (on average) usually consist of a mixture of everything I am into, entertainment wise (video games/movies/anime/ etc...)
Though, I do very rarely get dreams without much anime or video game influence... :/

I remember one of my dreams was heavily influenced by my new-found love and obsession for MM. (first few times I played)
I remember that I was trapped in my city, (though it looked more like New York or Tokyo for some reason- I don't live anywhere near a big city), and I had three days before the moon crushed my city. I remember using my real-life six hole ocarina (got it from Songbird ocarinas), in the dream, in order to rewind time. I stood on top of the tallest building I could find, and played the song of time... I don't remember too much more of that dream, except for the fact that at the end I played Oath to Order, and then woke up.

I do know a friend of mine had a dream where she went to her neighbor's house, through a secret tunnel, leading to the Soul Society (from Bleach), because somebody stole her pants. They were floating in a giant containment tube filled with liquid. (kinda like the Parasite Queen in Metroid Prime) :lol:
Nov 13, 2012
I rarely have dreams about series I watch or games I play. My mind dwells on things I fear or worry about most often which manifest themselves in my dream state.


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Oct 23, 2012
I don't recall my dreams any more.
But I did once have a dream as a child that I was lost in a store, and there was a spike pit in the back... Actually, the entire back of the store was like the Underwater/Inside portion of the Gerudo Fortress in Majora's Mask. The Gerudo girls would charge you with their halberds if you walked by and push you into the pit if they saw you.

Also, I greatly feared Redeads. I thought they were in my closet (right next to my bed at the time), and I dreamed that one came out at me. I remember being too scared to scream.


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Aug 18, 2012
In your pants.
My dreams, at least the ones I remember, are usually bad memories, that I relive. It happens occasionally but it's the only kind of dream I remember.


Most of my dreams are completely random jumbles of stuff, but after I played tp for 4 hours straight yesterday, I had a dream where Link TALKED! I woke up thinking nintendo made a game where he talks and was immediately disappointed.


Hero of Rhyme
Nov 16, 2012
Lake Hylia
One time I had this crazy dream... I was sailing the ocean when a great storm destroyed my ship. I was marooned on a strange Island where I was required to gather 8 different Instruments and awaken a large whale thing in order to escape... Thinking it was all real I was so confused to find out none of it really happened... Best Dream ever!


Nov 15, 2012
Nixstorm 'cause I wanna be cooool.
I dreamed about Four Swords where me and my friends were the four Links and we were gonna get to a dungeon, and then suddenly I was on the computer playing Four Swords (I don't know how...) and the computer shut down...:( My dreams are random and they jump from one place to the other:S

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