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Have You Ever Dropped Your Precious 3ds or Other Handhelds?

*M i d n a*

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Aug 18, 2009
So have you? I have dropped only my 3ds, lolz, but thankgoodness it wasn't so high, just like a foot or so. I lost control of it and failed to grasp it in the air as it fell. :( But it works fine, haha.


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
Short answer: Oh god yes.

Long answer: A few years ago, I wore shorts with really badly-made pockets, so my DS Lite would always all out of them. As a result, the L+R buttons stooped working quite soon. Als, my Phone regularly falls off of my Desk, and my 3DS has ben knocked down a few times. I actually want to get a second one so A) I can record from it and :cool: so I can give my current one a break.

Also I don't know if this counts as dropping, but once my GBA SP ended up under my mattress and spent a goog 5 months wedged under there. It may or may not have contributed to it snapping in two this last year.


Sep 21, 2013
The Expansion
Of. Freaking. Course.

My brother and I have broken and lost 2 or 3 DS's, so that's proof enough. I've dropped my GBA while playing and it freezes up on me (often in the worst times; like when I was at the end of the Elite Four in LeafGreen and I dropped it before I had saved...)



May 18, 2013
I did, but surprisingly, not as common as I expected, the DS and GBA SP, they have slipped from my hands so often, I wondered if I literally have butter on my fingers....


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Jun 14, 2010
Ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeaaaaaahhh. 8l

One time I was going into my basement to get a snack and I tried opening things while my DS Lite was on and open. Of course, it flew out of my hands and crashed on the concrete floor, and pretty much killed it. I had to send it in for repairs, but luckily I was still in warranty and got it back fully functional.


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Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Since the the GB, I have every single portable console I have owned. :sweat: Having played video games for such a long time, my hand-eye coordination is impeccable by the time the DSi started appearing, can't say the same thing to my earlier consoles. :sweat: Here are my statistics:

  • GB- Drops: 0, Catches: N/A, Condition: Practically mint.
  • GBC- Drops: 0, Catches: N/A, Condition: Practically in the same condition as my GB.
  • GBA- Drops: 2, Catches: 2, Condition: Still pretty good. ^^
  • GBA SP- Drops: endless, Catches: 4, Condition: Only the outside have scratches and markings but practically plays the same! ^^
  • DS- Drops: 65, Catches: 13, Condition: The top screen is severely damaged that I can't see anything and a hinge has fallen off so I only use it for GBA games.
  • DS Lite- Drops:3 Catches:3, Condition: Mint/Trade-in value for my DSi.
  • DSi- Drops: 57, Catches 54, Condition: Fairly new.
  • DSi XL Drops: 0, Catches: N/A, Condition: Pretty much perfect as they darn thing doesn't fit in my pockets!
  • 3DS Drops: 100+, Catches: All of them, Condition: Still perfect! :xd:
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Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
Have I dropped my handhelds, he asks... Oh, Gobli, of course I have. BEHOLD!!


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Dec 2, 2012
lol, who hasn't?

I've dropped my GBA SP countless times. I once dropped it on a hard concrete floor, which damaged the speakers, and thus the sound no longer works.

Back when I had my DS Lite, I dropped it a couple times; however, I tended to take really good care of it, so it never got too damaged. Until that one time it fell out of my pocket while I was walking to school and... well, I never saw it again!

My old 3DS never got dropped, which is surprising considering I always had it in my hand, even when doing stuff like getting food! Of course, my friend later "dropped" it outside his house... honestly, I think it's more likely that he put it in front of his truck tire himself...

My new 3DS XL, since Christmas, I have dropped 3 times. The first time, it was still in the box though. I haven't dropped it since last year though (20 days ago XD) because I do take good care of it, because I have no intention of letting it break.


AKA Patrick
Aug 13, 2013
I may have dropped a few, but none have ever broken.
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance SP
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo 3DS

All but the GBC were closed (for obvious reasons) when they were dropped, I guess I'm lucky, and all of them worked fine afterwards. :)


Jul 1, 2012
Oh yes, plenty of times. I'm quite dizzy (clumsy in other words). So yeah I tend to drop a lot of things: phones, ipods, handhelds, even my tablet.

Most of the time I get quite lucky. I've broke a couple of phones and smashed the screen on my iPod before, but there hasn't been that much damage to any of my handhelds. My old, blue DS was probably the worst as the right hinge broke, but it's still playable to this day.

Sir Quaffler

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I've broken my first DSlite. I played Diamond version in my bed on my side for long period of time, and sometimes I would doze off while doing so. One too many times of it falling out of my fingers and onto the floor, the hindge developed a haircrack which grew until I had to cut off pieces of it with an Exacto knifejust so it could close. It couldn't hold itself up anymore, and I was afraid it was gonna die on me at any moment, so I bought a second DS.

Still have both of them today, that's how I've been able to trade between versions all this time.

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