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Have You Ever Cut Class?


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Uh, weird question, I guess. But I was just curious... And, when I say cut class, I mean physically not mentally. I zone out in class all the time, and I figure I'm not alone on that one...

Myself, I technically have cut before, but the circumstances were weird. I'm horrible at ditching class because I don't have a social life that to which I would escape... In eighth grade, for a while, I would avoid going to choir by hiding in a bathroom stall all period. Yeah. Sometimes I'd bring my DS to school for entertainment. I'm such a pro, right right? Another time, I cut a summer computer class (those are so redundant, like, leave me alone) because I was getting bullied... I kind of hung out by a Veterans' Memorial on my school's property (fail) and was counting the carpenter ants that were scampering over the granite.

The last time--and the funniest cutting story ever--I truly cut class was this:

Freshman year, I had the class Global Studies the period after lunch. I would go to the library to sleep during my lunch period. I had a friend who would normally wake me up when the lunch period ends, in case I actually managed to fall asleep enough to not hear the bell. Well, one day... he was out sick or whatever. I totally slept through that bell. So, while Global Studies was going on, I was happily sleeping in the library. I woke up when there were, like, ten minutes left of class. It was the funniest thing ever, but I was so scared to just waltz into class without a better excuse that "I was sleeping", so I just kind of hid in the library until that period ended. Thankfully, my teacher never questioned where I was, so... phew.

Potassium. How about you guys? Enlighten us.
May 14, 2011
I can't enlighten all of you, then, as I never skipped/cut class before. I am a goody-two-shoes after all. XD


Jul 26, 2010
Only by accident, I skipped Spanish because I though I had a spare that block. Other than that, never.


Feb 24, 2010
I read the title as "cut glass" and I was going to get into a really involved story about this one chemistry lab back in high school.

I almost never cut class in high school just because my school's attendance system was very rigorous and centralized and made it nearly impossible to get away with. Probably for the best because at that age I would not have been responsible enough to handle that ability.

In college, occasionally I'll just wake up and be like "...yeah, not feeling it" and sleep in. This isn't a regular thing though, I'd hardly be able to pass my classes if it were.


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Jul 11, 2012
Nope. Oh, what a good boy am I!

I've only been in traditional school from Kindergarten to 4th grade, so I never got the chance to ever think of cutting class. There was nowhere else I could be instead of class.
Aug 7, 2011
Malibu, CA
No, because my older brother told me stories about how whenever he would cut class, he would always somehow get caught on his way back into the school. The front office people don't mess around, apparently.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I haven't "cut class" as in leaving a class period to go do something totally unrelated to school, but I *have* faked sickness before to get out of going to school altogether.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
When I first read this thread I saw it as cut grass, then as i got to the middle of the post I was reading it as glass, then finally I read it as class, I nearly called called it grass just then, you are tricky Mandy.
Anyway, I've cut class like once, not sure how you do it Mandy, surely when they do the registers and notice you aren't there but have been to others classes... That happened to me anyway. Got found out for skipping class :P


The Quiet Man
Never really been one to do that. I tend to get rather uncomfortable when I do something that is clearly out of routine or that no one else in sight is doing, unless it's necessary, like leaving for sickness.

I'm a little bored right now though, so I'll tell a little story for fun: I remember this one time in fifth grade where I left at the middle of a soccer class along with some guys who weren't really strangers to it; one friend I had back then was friends with them, so I happened to get invited along. Now, there are two reasons I did it: first, there was a bit of minor indirect peer pressure involved; it's not really so much that they forced me as I felt weird not doing it since the others were. But secondly and most importantly (about 3/4 the reason, I really wouldn't blame anyone else if they did it being in this same situation), is that I really did not want to be in that class in the first place. See, back then, there was a dumb rule in the school that made it non-negotiable that you had to join a sports club. No matter how much you disliked sports, it was that or "absent" lessons piling up in your record until you had take extra tests to even pass. Between soccer and basketball, (two sports in which I'm no good at all) it was almost a pick your poison case for me, and judging by how many complaints they got, it's no wonder they removed it.

Now, outside of seriously not regretting that one, I've never really found skipping to be worth it. But that's just me.
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Mar 15, 2013
Eh, I did. On a daily basis.

At first it was rarely and to avoid a F on my report card. Then I started caring less and less about the absences and started skipping class for reasons like "Maybe the teacher would forget or have mercy on us and not write the absences." or "Last class on a Friday? Hell no." Yup, teachers in my school often "forget" to write in who is absent. If they didn't, half of the school would be expelled. On my second term of 11th grade, I was late for class almost every day. The teachers of the first classes for the day knew that I would (most likely) show up after 5-10 minutes.

And than on my last year... Not only I was late, but I didn't show for 2/3rds of my classes. Basically I've spent weeks without going to school, or went only for a day or two. The teachers left us not show up so we can go prepare for the final exams better (in special classes) or to pass some of the intermediate university exams, which weren't required but were a good practice plus their grades do count. With other words, that was the same university exam, only with other questions and its earlier.

Needless to say, me and most of my classmates found an opportunity in this to skip school. And we did! Just like the last 12th graders did, and the ones before them, and the ones before them, etc.
It was sort of a tradition to skip most of the 12th school year.

As you can see, I'm was a very good (at skipping class) student.


Jul 1, 2012
Mhm... I used to get involved with the wrong kind of people at school when I was around 12-14 so in a way I gave into peer pressure and cut classes, of course this wasn't smart but I was really naive at the time. I used to get in a lot of trouble and for a student that was in the top classes it baffled my tutors and I was spiraling down in terms of grades. Luckily enough a saw sense and decided to stick it out and got my grades and attendance back on track.


Keep it strong
Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
There was a point in Year 8 when I skipped 2 weeks of school. I just spent the time wandering the woods nearby my house. Sometimes I'd take a book, other times a Gameboy, and just wait out the school day before going home. It wasn't to avoid anything or anyone. I did it because it was so easy. Eventually I got bored of it and went back to school.


The Geekette
Nov 25, 2007
It's a lot easier to skip a class in college, mostly because your professors really don't care. Last semester I was required to present a portfolio, which I was not super confident in initially, but then I decided that skipping a class to put more time and effort into perfecting my portfolio would be worth it in the end. 100%, baby! I have a rule though about skipping, if you meet any of of the following factors, you don't skip unless you're dying.

  • you're behind on material
  • you'll be graded on material the next class
  • the professor doesn't post lecture notes online
  • you can't borrow notes from someone in time
  • the professor has graded in-class assignments or pop quizzes
...then do not skip!

Sometimes it's okay to skip, you just have to be sure that you won't be doing more harm than good in the process.

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