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Hyrule Warriors Has HW lasted longer for you than other mainline Zelda games?

Some Zelda games can be quite long, others not so and some have more replay value than others but Hyrule Warriors is a different beast entirely... How long has it lasted you?

Has HW outlasted a few other Zelda games for you?

Have you already sank more hours into HW than other Zelda games?


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Mar 25, 2015
I say HW will last me longer then the mainline games due to the nature of its design. Giving me multiplayer, large amount of things to do and collect and just the replay value of the hack and slash. While the mainline games being very enjoyable for me. If I collect everything in a playthrough. I probably won't return to the game for a year or two since i did everything and the puzzles don't change. Difficulty doesn't change and while there is a ton to find and collect if your memory is as good as mine it usually gets triggered to remember where things are.

I just really like the feel of chaos in that battlefield in HW. Given all the variables on attacking and what attacks the enemy might try.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Well if you don't count the fact that I took a year an a half break from TP when I first played it...... Yeah it lasted longer. But not the story mode. That one is very easy. It's the whole map thing and getting all skulltulas, hearts and weapons which consumes time.


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Nov 24, 2009
Redmond, Washington
Sep 21, 2014
Well, yeah. By its nature you get a lot of play time out of it, and it's been fun and engaging. It's nice to feel genuinely challenged, the difficulty is far above what I would put a Zelda game at, in terms of raw execution challenge. Of course, there are no real puzzles exactly, but some levels require a high degree of strategizing in order to accomplish your goal. I remember ages ago, I wrote a highly detailed section on obtaining the higher level baton for Zelda on the first Adventure Map. The numerous tries I'd spent fine-tuning my tactics there were enjoyable, even if they were also frustrating at times.

All that being said, I'm absolutely dying for my next actual-zelda fix. You just can't really compare the two.


Jul 2, 2013
The main storyline went way quicker than I thought, but with all the extra stuff to do, yeah. It's lasted me longer than MM, OoT, and TP.

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