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Has Anyone else Noticed......


Fulcrum Agent
Feb 14, 2010
......that you can play the harp to the background music? I didn't really notice it the first time through, but one time during my second playthrough, I took out the harp and played for a while, and realized that it was playing to the background music.

So, has anyone else noticed this?


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Jun 19, 2011
Chamber of the Sages
I noticed it when I was in the underground portion of the Ancient Cistern on my first playthrough. I liked it so much I just stood there for like 10 minutes doing it! LOL! :D
I realized this as well. I really had a lot of fun playing to the staff credits song (I love how they actually let you do this, too :>). Like, medleys are awesome~ Though, my wiimote wouldn't register correctly after awhile, so I decided to stop playing so I wouldn't accidentally kill the lovely song.
Feb 23, 2011
I've noticed this as well. I was doing the Song of the Hero quest, and I was at Faron collecting the tadtones. It was on my descent to the bottom of the Great Tree. I thought there was a Sheikah Stone there due to the butterflies flying around, so I whipped out my harp and started to play while walking around to see if one would pop up. I realized my strumming went well with the background music, and the rest is history. After that discovery, I'd play the harp to the BGM in other areas. It sounds cool in Skyloft. I think I'll try it in a boss room next. [noparse]=/[/noparse]

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