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Harry Potter and the Prizoners of Mafia

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Jan 29, 2011

"Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," said a woman who you might have mistaken for professor McGonagall if it weren't for her not being as old. "I am your headmistress Raindrop14, assisted by my deputy headmistress LittleGumball. I'm sure you will all have a wonderful time here learning, making friends and casting all sorts of spells."

The children seemed excited, either they were ready to start the feast or they were ready to cast some spells, it didn't matter. They kept their attention on the headmistress as she stepped away from the podium and came down the steps, closer to the children.

"You must be warned however, there is a killer on the loose. Many of you have heard of the dangerous Sirius Black, however this killer does not compare. He is more vicious in his killings, and far more dangerous to face. Therefore," the headmistress paused, looking at the children's faces. She smirked and tipped her witch hat. "Therefore we have taken the advantage of some magics and have conjured a boggart to resemble this villain."

There were whisperings and gasps among the students, and even the teachers. The teachers weren't informed of this in their letters!

"Hush!" The Headmistress said calmly. "There is no need to fear, it is only a boggart after all, right? Professor Lupin could teach you many things against that dark art as our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher." The Headmistress gestured at the professor, who was surprised, but he stood up and there were some cheers; most of the students were confused. The professor sat back down and the headmistress continued. "It is only a boggart, however a powerful one that my deputy and I have empowered to be more of a threat."

The deputy headmistress was smirking and leaning against the wall as she listened and watched the kids' expressions.

"Would you mind explaining the rules of this game, LittleGumball?" The headmistress asked.

"It'll be a pleasure." The deputy mistress straightened out and walked to the center to speak. "Here's how the game works; we've put a blinding spell on this school so none of you know who anyone else is. You must find your enemy and defeat it, much like your Defense Against the Dark Arts classes right? If you mistakenly kill one of your classmates, well perhaps next time you’ll learn your lesson."

"You can’t do this!" An old raggedy man said, outraged.

The headmistress pointed her finger at him and a green spark shot from it, sending the man spinning and falling to the ground, dead.

"Now," the headmistress said. "You either play the game, or die. Oh, and there will be other threats aside from boggarts, did I mention that? Have fun."

The two witches disappeared from sight, leaving panicking students scrambling and teachers trying to calm everyone down. There was no way out of this; they had to fight their enemies. There was the risk of killing themselves, but what choice did they have if they wanted to go free?

“Silence!” An old man, unidentifiable now, shouted. “Everyone will please calm down. We are going to get through this, but you must stay calm. There will be no senseless killings; we will do this in an orderly fashion. Every day we will meet and discuss who we think are the threats and,” he paused and gulped. “Kill them. Now, we will all pick names for some kind of identification, and then we can continue this ‘game’.”

- Do not reaveal any information of the game outside of this thread.
- You may only post in the Day period.
- Vote and unvote in the format: Vote: Player X; Unvote. Please post these in BOLD
- Do not reveal any information after you have died.
- DO NOT EDIT YOUR POSTS. DO NOT DELETE YOUR POSTS. If you have something more to say, or need to edit a section of your post then make ANOTHER post saying what you need to say. If you are caught editing, you will be mod killed. Same goes for deleting posts.
- You may not post any information that relates to anything outside of the thread itself. No evidence using the "Who's Online" or "Shoutbox".
- You may not role claim, but you may name claim, however no mass claiming. Only one name claim per day period. More than one name claim will result in a mod kill or warning, depending on the circumstance.
- If you refer to me, please bold my name.
- Each Day period will last 7 days. An extension can be voted for, but if granted may not be voted for again that day.
- Each Night period will last 2 days.
- If no majority is reached, the player with the most votes above half the majority will be lynched. If two players are tied with votes above half the majority, or all players have less than half the majority of votes, a no-lynch will occur.
- Minimum is 3 posts per Day period
- Keep spam to a VERY SMALL MINIMUM, if there is a lot that it consist of most of the game thread or if it begins to bother other users there will be mod kills/warnings.
- I’ll allow you to post only once per day period if you are dead, but you may not reveal any information about anything.

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With 21 alive it takes 11 votes for a majority lynch. Day ends October 18th 10:00PM ET.

Day 1 begins...


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Feb 8, 2011


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Apr 28, 2013
Look out guys, something wicked this way comes.....!

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