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Spoiler Harp Trailer -- Zelda's Lyre Song


The Missing Link
Feb 22, 2011
Fighting Alongside Link
WARNING: This following post contains information about Skyward Sword and the Harp Trailer. If you do not wish to view and/or read about the Harp Trailer, close out of this thread immediately! Thank you.

Hello everyone.

The Harp Trailer is one of the newest video we've received regarding Skyward Sword. So, if you haven't already, watch this video:


  • Okay, so, right off the bat I noticed that the song Zelda plays on her Lyre is a slowed down version of Skyward's Sword's main theme. If you need to, hum the Skyward Sword theme to yourself, and then slow it down A LOT. Then, compare it to the song Zelda plays. It's the same thing. This has made me think, since Zelda knows this song, will it be of some use later in the game? Is it the song you learn how to play?

Discuss your thoughts and opinions below and I'll see you guys later!

/endspoiler :lol:


Sage of Wisdom
May 28, 2011
I thought it was pretty obvious it was the goddess song, everyone should know that.

I do think we need to play it, probably in the sealed grounds, to do some magical stuff.


One-Winged Skyward Angel
Sep 28, 2011
Did anyone else notice a sculpture of the Triforce at around 48 seconds in the harp trailer. :)
Yup, I actually addressed that in another post.

As to the song, I thought it was pretty obvious. Actually, when I saw the title, I was expecting a conversation on the theme on the SS box. That theme sounds very similar to Shiek's theme.


Flirtatously Flirty
Aug 13, 2011
Quick Observation

Ah yes, the Lyre melody. Yes, I noticed it was the main theme, it was hard to unravel at first, but I got it. I believe Zelda is also heard singing the Goddess's Requiem , yes?

(The Goddess's Requiem is what i'm calling it, so it's not the official name..... yet....)

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