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Halloween 2021 Mask Design Competition


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Sep 12, 2018
Halloween 2021 Mask Design Competition

Hee hee hee! It is I, the czar of Halloween! This year, I'd like to bring back an event that was held a couple of years ago... Back then, it was known as the Mask Exchange, and it functioned like a Secret Santa but spookier. This time, however, I decided to pull a trick and change the rules! Now, instead of designing masks for other members, you are designing masks to submit to a contest! All the precious devotees to the glory of Halloween will vote on which mask they like best! And of course, some haunting stencils have been provided for you already, courtesy of my loyal subject @Azure Sage. You may find them below.

The objective of this competition is simple: use an image-editing software to decorate the hollow shells of a mask stencil of your choosing. Submit your work to me, Jack, via PM, and on the day of the voting round, I will post them in a thread for your viewing pleasure! The community will vote for the one they like best, the same way the Avatar and Signature competition works. It is preferable that you use painting tools to decorate, but I will not stop you from adding in any images you desire so long as whatever you put into your mask is not copyrighted or someone else's fan-made material. The same rules of plagiarism that apply to the other creative competitions apply here, as well. As always, if you aren't certain about something, my subjects @Azure Sage and @Spiritual Mask Salesman can advise you.

Mask Stencil 1
Mask Stencil 2
Mask Stencil 3
Mask Stencil 4

Entries will be accepted from October 1st - 21st 11:59 PM EST. Please only make one post in this thread to state your interest. All who participate in this event will become my loyal subjects and receive an orange username with a special pumpkin
next to it for the duration of the month! (assuming you haven't gotten one from a different event already.) Have fun, and deliver unto your czar the spookiest masks you can muster!
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