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Hair length


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Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
My hair is almost waist length now at the back but shorter at the front, around shoulder length. I used to always keep it fairly short when I was younger though, usually in a bob. I don't suit fringes so that's a no no. I don't really have a preference for hair length on either gender as it really depends on the shape of a person's face. However, I do like guys with long hair in general and I dislike when a guy's hair is too short or closely shaven. I'm not a fan of beards. A bit of manly stubble is ok or even a short beard or moustache but I have a major issue with the idea of kissing someone with a full beard as all I can think about is the food and bacteria that might be trapped inside. Sorry, but it's true: I don't subscribe to the glorification of beards lately.


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Jul 17, 2014
I like to grow my dark brown/black hair until it gets into my eyes. At that point, my mom insists I get my hair cut, and she only knows one type of style: buzz cut. I'm left with an inch at best whenever my hair is cut, and that really irritates me. I hate having my hair that short, especially because of the huge difference it makes on my appearance. Unfortunately, I get no say in the matter. :( I'm not old enough to grow attractive facial hair, but when I am, I'd like to grow a short beard and mustache. I dislike seeing men with long hair, shaggy is okay, Link's hair is amazing, but I personally believe ponytail-length is overgoing it.

As for girls, I like when their hair is naturally-colored and long, I mean not waist-length (although that looks nice too), but long is certainly more attractive to me. One girl I am friends with (and secretly have a crush on) has really nice hair, but keeps it shoulder-length, and usually keeps her hair up, which is really the only thing I dislike about her. I also think no girl should have facial hair ;) :P
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Jan 28, 2015
<--- Avatar was from about a month ago when I got my Ocarina for Christmas.

I've been in a continuous cycle of growing my hair super long and then shaving it all off, then repeating the cycle since I was 11.(besides my four years in the military of course.)

My hair was half way down my back when I chopped it all off last summer.

I am a weird one with hair. I am one of those folks that women always say they are jealous of because I actually have pretty nice hair that is very curly. Some days I straighten it, some days I rock a big ol golden white boy FRO!
I like to keep it dynamic, keep people guessing.

And, I have been and still am frequently mistaken for a girl.
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Feb 28, 2010
New York
Funny, I just got a haircut like the other day…

I've had it above my shoulders since I was 13. Right now, have it really short in the back and quite a bit covering my forehead, because I like anime haircuts lol


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May 26, 2010
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My hair length is sitting around 8-10inches right now, just above my collardbone.

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