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Hair length


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Oct 23, 2012
How long do you keep your hair and/or your beard (if applicable)? What hair lengths do you find attractive? Do you have different preferences when it comes to males and females?

My hair is currently past my shoulder blades, and I'm letting it grow to the small of my back. Once it's to my goal length, I'll probably cut it short and donate it.

I prefer shorter hair styles on both males and females. I personally also like short hair because it cuts out a lot of shower/hair drying time.
Jun 22, 2013
I am not one to care about how one wears their hair.

I have a pixie cut and I like it that way. I do like guys in ponytails though, since it reminds me of more old fashioned type of things.


Jul 1, 2012
My hair is short back and sides and I leave the top at medium length to style however I want. I like the clean look it has plus it's easy to maintain. As for facial hair, I like a clean shave, but recently I've been going for a more rough look and at the moment I'm just growing it out (nearly 3 weeks).

As for preferences on the other sex, I don't know, it's not a huge factor. If I had to say though, I like long, thick hair on woman.


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How long do you keep your hair
I'm not really keeping it a particular length, but it's almost down to my waist. An estimate would probably be a little over two feet in length. My sidelocks/bangs are not nearly that long... probably somewhere around, like, 8-14 inches.

It's been a little over a year or so since I've gotten my last haircut, but I usually only have, like, less than an inch taken off just to clean it up (except with my sidelocks; I usually get those cut to go a little past my jawline). But last time my stylist was like, "No, your hair is too long I'm taking off two inches and you're gonna like it." So yeah. Not a particular length I'm shooting for; I just like it long. My sister says my hair looks stringy when it's long, but that's just because I don't take proper care of it, ha.

What hair lengths do you find attractive?
Hm... I like the look of men who grow their hair out. Dunno why, it just looks... visually appealing to me. Doesn't have to be like Legolas or anything, lmao, just like... long enough to... not defy gravity. Shoulder length or longer is wonderful, though.

Do you have different preferences when it comes to males and females?
Dunno, man. Girls obsess over their hair too much. Shoulder length? Ear length? I guess my preference for girls is... just for them not to look like Bayonetta. That one actress who plays Penny in the Big Bang Theory? She had nice hair, but then she kind of literally to became an anthropomorphic Bayonetta crossed Miley Cyrus crossed Justin Bieber.

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I keep my hair kinda medium long. In the front, I don't let my bangs get past my nose. On the sides, I don't let them get more than about an inch or two past my ears. In the back, I don't let it get down to my shoulder line.

I find all kinds of lengths attractive, depending on how it's worn. I don't really see super short hair as very attractive, but that really depends on how it's worn, too. To be honest I think super short hair looks better on girls than it does boys. But I generally like medium to long lengths. I find those the most aesthetically pleasing.


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Jan 31, 2010
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My hair is close to my butt. I always had long hair and I prefer it like that. And the shower/drying time really doesn't take long. At least not for me. My hair just grows fast and is very thick.

I wear it in a ponytale sometimes to make things easier but most of the times I wear it loose because I get headaches easily.

As for the opposite sex it depends. If it looks good on a male I don't mind if their hair is long but usually I like short hair on males.


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Jan 23, 2015
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Medium length thick, curly, black, hair is what I have. Had it grown out since 7th grade, and I don't plan on changing styles any time soon.

As for what I find attractive, it depends. My current girlfriend had hair near her mid-section of her back and used to have it down to her butt. I like it either way, but on girls, I just don't really like shorter hair. Just a preference, not really much more to it.

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Dec 2, 2012
bahahahahahahaha what can I say... I definitely prefer having short hair than long, but I hate getting haircuts, so I usually go like 8 months without cutting it and then I finally cut it all off and say I'm gonna maintain the short hair, but that never actually happens.

Right now, my hair is just slightly over the upper tip of my ears on the sides, slightly lower than that in the back, but I kept my bangs somewhat long (mostly so I can style it however I want). I really like this look, and probably will actually end up keeping it around this length.

For girls, I tend to prefer the medium length hair, although it depends on the girl tbh. Some girls look better with longer hair, some girls look freaking amazing with short hair. Generally, though, I really like the medium, just past shoulders type hair.


Feb 26, 2014
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I'm always changing how long i want mine. I mean, i always keep it the same style, and i keep the bangs looking the same, i just always switch between longer hair on the sides/back and short there. I prefer it thicker and kinda just let it do what it does, and i always seems to get compliments on my hair, i guess it's just naturally pretty good. As for facial hair, i'm kindaa a late bloomer so yeah i just started shaving...

On the ladies, i prefer longer thicker hair, but some girls can reaally pull of short hair, which i can dig.


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Nov 12, 2007
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My hair is extremely long and I love it! I used to keep it about shoulder length when I'd dye it, but now I just keep it trimmed and long and natural! All natural apart from all the highlights and stuff, of course. It's more effort, washing my hair needs a dedicated night for it pretty much, but just looks nicer. Quite happy with my appearance these days, which is rare! Also I love my hair being played with and there's a lot to play with.

As for my beard, that's pretty long and wild and un-tamed. Nothing can tame it. It bends razors.

My preferences for hair on a guy I'd say would be medium to short length hair. I dislike really long hair on a guy, don't find it attractive at all, and that's probably my only preference. If a guy has hair like Noel Gallagher or Johnny Marr, they're in! As for my preferences for a girl, I quite like long hair on them and kind of have a weird thing that I don't want them to have the same hair as me! Both girls I've ever dated were brunettes. :) But no huge preferences for either, really.


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Nov 24, 2012
I used to have medium to short hair that was just poofy and thick (my hair grows ridiculously fast). But I started JROTC this year and have to keep it very short on the sides with a little length on top for me brush to the side.

As for women, I find myself liking it to be short to their shoulders (close to the length of a bob[?]) If a girl can't pull it off, then long and wavy.
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Feb 11, 2012
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My hair is super thick so I usually just keep it as short as I can, because any longer and it's difficult to wash and brush. However, lately I have been letting it grow out. But I still refuse to have it longer than chin length. As for what I prefer on other people, it usually just matters what they look like. Some people look good with long hair, some people look good with short hair.


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Jul 8, 2013
I prefer to have my hair long, It's probably about 5 inches right now. I was going to get a haircut, but then my grandpa suggested I grow it out and donate it to locks for love (I spelled that wrong I think). So I'm going to do that.


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Jun 18, 2011
On myself I go for around shoulder length, or a little shorter. I have a round face, so I feel I look better if my hair has some volume and if it gets too long, then it kind of flattens at the top. But it's inconvenient if it's too short for a ponytail, so I try to go for the golden middle, for convenience sake.

On others I like whatever style suits their personality.
Sep 23, 2013
United States
I usually like to keep my hair a short length because I really don't like long hair all that much. I keep my bangs the same way, too.

As for males, I have no idea. Probably much shorter hair, too. (Am I the only one thinking that it's really creepy mentioning what you prefer towards an opposite sex's hair? This doesn't sound right to me.)

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