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Guild Wars 3: SSBB (Game Thread)


The tree hugger of Hyrule
Guild Wars is basically similar to the Mafia game. How so? In several ways, but GW has other twists and special abilities that will help all three teams achieve their goal more easily and not simply rely on mere confusion and voting. I'd read the whole thing if I were you, there is much to know, and it's basically easy to understand. Just go on and read.

How to Play:

The game will have day periods, just like Mafia. Depending on how many people sign up for it, the day periods will vary. Also, game days will become shorter as players are eliminated and few are left standing. All players who sign up for it are considered to be villagers. The object/purpose of the game is survival for all three factions. The Large Village is home not only to villagers (townies) but also to two tough guilds that are fighting for power and control of the village. The two guilds have members who will fight to eliminate the other guild and become the sole power in the village. As to the villagers, they fight to rid the village of guild members, who only have brought trouble, suffering and unwanted death to the village itself.

How the Game can be won or how it can come to an end.
--The game ends when one guild successfully eliminates all members from the opposing guild. The victorious guild will be declared the winners of the game.
--The game ends when the villagers wipe out the two guilds. Villagers become known as the winners when this happens.
--The game can also end if the third party stands triumphant over the villagers AND guilds.

Other Important Information to know about the game:

--Every time a guild member dies, he/she will be carrying a clue (A letter found within a guild member's fellow name) That clue will be very important to all factions. Why? Read on. I will use myself and Atsuma as an example.

Let us say that Atsuma was the guild member that was lynched. The letter found within his corpse was a "U" which points out to guild member me, TreeHuggerPanda. Do you see the "U" within my name? It doesn't tell much, really, because there will be many other names that have U's, but it points to a fellow guild member in a way, thus being a small clue. This can either be helpful to the Villagers if they want to rid the village quickly of guild members, or harmful as well and can cause confusion amongst them, causing them to kill each other by mistake. As to the guilds, they will become suspicious of people who have a U in their name, which will make them assume they've found an opposing guild member.

--When an innocent Villager dies, both guilds will receive $200 in money. Money can only be used by the Village Leader and Guild Leaders. When either of the three factions accumulate a total of $1000, they can either hire a Mercenary, (who works independently) who will kill any member the Village Leader or Guild Leaders desire to be rid of.

Villagers make money by lynching Guild members successfully. For each kill, the villagers get $200 as well, money that can be used to hire the mercenary or appoint a private investigator, whose role is to find Killers.

--IMPORTANT: When a guild loses one of its members, the other guild will have the right to recruit someone from the Villagers, thus the guild becomes stronger and the other guild becomes weaker, which will add pressure to their survival as the games goes on.

--If a guild leader/village leader dies, the game does not end. The guild will restructure their ranks and will choose another leader, as to the village leader, I will appoint a new one myself.

The Unique Roles of the game:

Roles will be randomly appointed by the Game Master, you don't get to choose a role, you are assigned one to begin with, then as the game goes on, you might be recruited by a guild or made an officer, etc. Also, these are the UNIQUE roles to the game, so these are not ALL the roles to the game.

Game Mod: That's me. I will handle the game and post to update, modkill anyone who edits a post, do the killing for the person that's been accused, etc. Any questions you might have about the game that you don't understand, you contact me, via PM.

Co-mod: Who will be the co-mod? I don’t know, but if you’re interested in helping me take tallies of votes or posting separation posts to separate the lynch and nightkill posts, please PM me. You MUST have a big commitment to the co-modding the game because it will be a huge embarrassment for me to replace a co-mod. I also would like for my co-mod to at least played two of the regular mafia games OR one of the /successful/ Guild Wars games and I prefer my co-mod to have a Skype account (Yes! I do plan on going to Skype for once!).

Guild Leader: Leader of the guild. He/She will handle all decisions when it comes to his/her guild. These are as follows:

--Is able to use the money to hire a Mercenary.
--Has the ability to name his/her guild before the game starts. (be considerate when choosing a name)

Village Leader: He/She is the voice of the villagers, though pretty much his/her role is kept secret. He/She is able to use the money the villagers accumulate in order to hire a Mercenary or make a random villager (of my choosing) a Private Investigator.

Assassin: Is top ranked in the guild just below the leader and well respected. He/she can kill anyone at the end of the day. His/her job is to try to pick off those that he/she thinks is an opposing guild member. An Assassin is most likely to supplant a dead leader, should the leader die.

Mercenary: Works independently and in secret and can be hired to rid the village of anyone. Once his contract is made, I will pm the person with the hitman role and he/she will then pick someone at random to kill. Should he/she die early in the game, I will assign a new hitman at random from the Villagers to keep the money system going.
Note: This role will be fulfilled by me, using the random.org method

Private Investigator: His/Her role is like that of a detective, working undercover for the Village Leader. The officer has the ability to pm me a person's name at the end of the day. If that person's name belongs to a Serial Killer, the Serial Killer dies. In case the Officer is able to successfully bring the SK's to justice, he simply wins and acts like a villager for the rest of the game.

Killer: Is pretty much independent and likes killing for fun. At the end of the day, he/she has the ability to pm me a name of a person he/she wishes to kill.

Healer: Is in the village to serve everyone. He/she will pm me at the end of the day two names. If those names belong to any member who is chosen by the Killer(s), then that person is saved. Note: Assassin kills cannot be undone by the doctor's pmed names, an assassin always will kill their target efficiently.

Guild Member: A low ranked member belonging to one of the guilds. He/she acts like a normal villager.

Villager: Is innocent but also is trying to help clean the village of guild scum. Can be recruited by a guild once an opposing guild loses one of its members. When this happens, I will pm the Villager and let him/her know that he/she's been recruited and will show a list of the guild and its members. Carries around $400 in money, which is split between the two Guilds when the villager dies.

Alright, to vote for a lynch, or for a member to die, use the same Mafia term:

Post who you want to vote for in the format:
If you wish to unvote at anytime, do so by:

You may vote and unvote at ANY TIME during the DAY period. Only during the Day, remember that. Once a majority vote is reach, that player will be lynched NO MATTER WHAT. So if a majority is reached and you decide to unvote for that person, its too late. PLAYER X will be lynched and his identity, Villager or Guild Member, etc. will be revealed. A player will also be lynched at the end of the day period that constitutes the Day time based on whoever has the most votes, if a majority is not reached.

Once the Day period (after the lynching) is over it becomes the Night. Night won't last long, a couple days, at most. During the Night there will be NO ACTIVE DISCUSSIONS. Everyone goes to 'sleep'. This is when the special role players do their thing of killing, saving, etc.

Day will come again, and the identity of any dead persons will be revealed.


- DO NOT PM EACH OTHER ABOUT YOUR ROLES. Mystery and assumptions are the point of this game, so if all the villagers band together through PMs you will ruin this game. Play with integrity. Lying is fine though. Guild members may lie that they are Villagers. Deception is a major aspect of this game. Guild members may PM each other, of course.

- DO NOT POST INFORMATION FROM OUTSIDE THE GAME. This means any information, revealing or otherwise, that comes from screenshots of the active user list, IM conversations, or anything. If you post such information, you will be Modkilled.

- You may only post in the Day period.

- Vote and unvote in the format: VOTE: PLAYER X; UNVOTE: PLAYER X

- DO NOT REVEAL ANY INFORMATION AFTER YOU HAVE DIED. If you are a Guild Member and you die, do not reveal to anyone who else is a guild member because that information may end up in the hands of the villagers.

- IF YOU ARE INACTIVE YOU WILL BE MODKILLED. If you do not post at least one time per "day", you WILL be modkilled by me, if I decide to do so.

-YOU MAY NAMECLAIM AND ROLECLAIM That’s the whole point of a theme, right?

- DO NOT EDIT YOUR POSTS. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POSTS. I hope I don't have to repeat it again. This is a cardinal rule. Editing your posts is a no no. If you have something more to say, or need to edit a section of your post then MAKE ANOTHER POST saying what you need to say. If you are caught editing, you will be Modkilled.


Most of the Credit for this game goes to Viral Maze and Axle for posting it here, etc. And part belongs to Atsuma since he came up with the ranks, the upgrading/rank system, money system, clue system, recruiting system, etc.

And an extremely small part goes to me for serving as your mod again :3

Game Mod: TreeHuggerPanda
Co-mod: Green Goron


1. Jedizora
2. Go_Dark_Link
3. Soldier of Link
4. Elfen
5. Illmatic
6. Kokirion
7. Hero of Time
8. ComposerBrother
9. Goron Link
10. Dracomajora
11. pokemonclub
12. bluelink
13. zelda_8
14. Luigidude64
15. Mr. Verto
16. Josie


A mourning crowd gathered at the cliff near the Isle of the Ancients. The morning sun peaked out from the dawn of the day and reflected a brilliant glow against the sea. A dragon-type Pokémon spoke on behalf of its world’s dead, “Who could have done this?” The Pokémon asked, “Who would have been cruel and abusing to such a gentle creature?” It cry of rage pierced the crowd’s ears, making it unbearable for them.

The dragon-type’s friend, who was also a dragon-type, observed the corpse of one serene Pokémon. It noticed a scrap of paper, scrawled messily and rolled into a lazy ball. It revived it and read, “For those who have defied Guild Love Muffin, you shall be punished.”

“Guild? What guild?” A bustling crowd gabbed at each other mindlessly as they questioned the guild. They began to grow more and more into chaos and despair.

The dragon-type Pokémon’s diamond glowed brilliantly as the crowd oohed and awed at the sight of the pretty diamond. Then, the Pokémon opened its mouth and let out a bellow, hushing the crowd into order and law. The dragon-type Pokémon fell silent to regain its energy.

Its friend pulled out another scrap of paper from beneath another departed Pokémon, “Fear us, for we are Guild Smash Balls!” It looked upon the scared-to-death crowd. Its voice was shaking, shaking and choking on the human words.

The dragon-type Pokémon spoke again, “There are those who seek revenge and to relieve these gentle creatures’ souls. There are those who are followers of these guilds and those who lead them. There are those who are independent and are fighting for themselves. And lastly, there are those who have not joined in on the Brawl.”

Guild Love Muffin

Leader: ???
# of Assassins: 1
Low rank Members: 1
Total Members: 3
Funds: $600

Guild Smash Balls

Leader: ???
# of Assassins: 1
Low rank Members: 1
Total Members: 3
Funds: $600


Village Leader: ???
Villagers: 16 (total, including guild members)
Village Money: $600
Killer Active?: Yes
Healer Active: Yes
Private Investigator Active: Yes

NOTICE: Day will end on June 19th. If you need an extension, then please VM me. If enough people ask for one (at least 1/3 of the living), then an extension will be given.


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010
Vote: TreeeHugrPandy

She totes scum.

Let's play, ladies and gentlemen.


lawl Love Muffin


Call Me Robbi :D
May 31, 2010
Some where familiar
well here is something to start it off

What do you think of lurkers?
Is it okay to lie?
How many mafia games have you played
What is your time zone?
Do you prefer town or scum?
What are your views on RVS(random voting stage) and RQS(Random questions stage)

I’ll answer these my self. I also except other people too D:

1)Well, it depends on what type of lurking it is. If its someone who still reads the thread and post every once and a while to avoid being prodded and replaced, that’s bad, which usually leads to third party or scum. (OMG I actually got the SK killed on this one game =D I am so happy.)

2) In some situations is okay to lie due to you may be a Major PR and you don’t want the mafia to get you. But it can be wrong if you mess up a false claim.

3)Hmm.. Around seven to ten :/ Idk

4) (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

5) Um to be honest, scum :P I rather play the evil doer than the good guy.

6) Well, it has changed, but I am still iffy about as long as there isn’t senseless band waggoning and hammering with out a claim or logical reason to vote for them. But I don’t mind it. As for RQS well, it can lead to discussion and all, so meh.


Went to random.org and got the number 8 :P


If there ever was one
Mar 22, 2011
Over there, over there, and up there.
Yay, we're finally started!

Well to answer your questions:
1. I think that some lurkers may be exactly what elfen says, but some are just people who sometimes don't get a chance to come everyday and check.

2. I say yes, especially in cases where you don't want to say your true role, but are being forced to do so.

3. Just one, so I'm pretty new.

4. Not sure.

5. I prefer being a good guy, but having some kind of ability.

6. I don't really think it is bad, seeing as it leads to discussion, but I don't like doing it since it may lead to lynching innocent townies.


The tree hugger of Hyrule
Vote: TreeeHugrPandy

She totes scum.


THP, why didn't you make this thread a sticky?

I don't have the power to sticky this thread. (You have to be a mod... with an orange name) Plus I think you people can survive without this thread being stickied...


The tree hugger of Hyrule
Goron Link: 1 (Jedizora)
ComposerBrother: 1 (Elfen)
Dracomajora: 1 (kokirion)

Yet to Vote: Go_Dark_Link, Soldier of Link, illmatic, kokirion, Hero of Time, ComposerBrother, Goron Link, Dracomajora, pokemonclub, bluelink, zelda_8, Luigidude64, Mr. Verto, Josie

I forgot to mention this, but majority vote is 9;)


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010


Sure, give me a minute.


What do you think of lurkers?

Depends. It would be stupid to stereotype them all into one category.

Is it okay to lie?


How many mafia games have you played?

1 full. 1 as a replacement, and 1 where I died the first night. So... 1+ 1/2 + 1/2.

What is your time zone?

East coast style. :cool:

Do you prefer town or scum?

Depends on what role. I can't stand being Vanilla by any means.

What are your views on RVS(random voting stage) and RQS(Random questions stage)?

Helps weed out people.


Feb 25, 2010
What do you think of lurkers?
Might be scum. Might be Town. Might be thrird party. (Wow, I really just used all of the parts?) But I have seen all of these, and I'v been two of them already. You can't tell.
Is it okay to lie?
If your cop/doc, then you should. If your scum, you shouldn't but you will anyway :P
How many mafia games have you played
Lets see, I've played in all 3 BM,s and Mafia 6.
What is your time zone?
As of posting its 9:41
Do you prefer town or scum?
You mean playing scum or town? Well, I've never been town.
What are your views on RVS(random voting stage) and RQS(Random questions stage)
I do belive that they are good. Its really the only way to start off dicussion.

Well, I have nothing else to post. To early to do anything besides RVS.

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