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Guild on Wheels Game Project

Lord Gobli

Story Teller
Aug 18, 2009
My Fantasy World
I had no idea where to post something like this, but I guess here is good atm. If not, could a mod please move it to the right place? Thanks.

Anywho, I have several game-making engines, and I've decided to make a simple game featuring some Zd members. The story I'll attempt to put into this game is Guild on Wheels, which I wrote back in the day. In short, GoW had good plots, some of which I will use for this. The characters will appear, but I might replace a few names and add a few peeps who I think deserve to be in. And there are a few spots open. If you want to join up, just make a character, I'll take care of the rest.

Default Cast and their roles:

Lord Gobli Guild Leader
Magatha Lord Gobli's daughter
Hero of Time [AKA HoT] guild member
Raindrop14 guild member
vatti princess of Ilitia
Myriad a main villain, most likely

Characters to be replaced with others: Starbanger, Jzak, and any other non-zd characters I used. I might use the deities I used, or maybe they won't be showing up at all, depends what I want to do.

Characters joining the mix:
Princess Niki role to be decided

I will be posting images later on, and perhaps share the game when it's done. More as it develops.


I will keep this project updated using a blog. Check it out if you are interested.
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