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General Zelda Guide or No Guide?


Jun 19, 2010
P. much what Atty said. I'd rather just use a guide and keep having fun instead of being stuck on a puzzle for hours and monotonously trying to solve it just to avoid "cheating".


Darkest of all Dark Links
Oct 28, 2012
Sorry about my comments about Zelda and easiness...but I just felt that it was generally understood that among game series, Zelda is one of the easier ones. The only real use I see for a guide is to list off missable content (screwed up Nintendo Gallery twice on Wind Waker).
Jul 1, 2013
I'll use a guide if I'm completely stuck, but I always try to figure it out myself first.

Except for AoL. Wouldn't even think of playing that without a guide.


Soldier, Royal Family
Aug 20, 2009
Except for AoL. Wouldn't even think of playing that without a guide.

Haha I've heard of this...but one day I will attempt it! Hmm I wouldn't say Zelda is an "easy" series exactly, but maybe easier than others.

A big reason why I wouldn't use a guide is because if Link does not have one, then neither do I. Especially if Link is the link between me and that world, I would feel that I was being pulled out of that world for a moment and then thrust back into it when I was done with the guide. That only makes the play more artificial!


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
I never used a guide to help me out during my gameplay so I can see how much I can do by myself. I am usually able to complete the game 100% with every possible upgrade and item(s) obtained. Then again, it is nice to go to Zelda Dungeon to find that one heart piece that you can never find and then you finally have full health! Thanks ZD! :3


Soldier of Ikana
Jul 26, 2012
Stone Tower Temple
I prefer to not use a guide, because I like to try and figure things out myself whenever I possibly can, but if I'm really stuck and I feel there's no other alternative, I'll use a guide. I try to figure things out on my own a majority of the time, though. I'm embarresed to say that I needed a guide to figure out the fishing in Twilight Princess ^^; I couldn't figure out how to get the fish......

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