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Groose is the ancestor of the TP postman


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Jul 6, 2011
I needed to post a picture of the postman from TP in a thread today and it struck me how much he resembled an older less musclebound Groose with a leaner face. I thought this deserved its own thread and for everyone to learn the TRUTH!

We can't see under the postman's hat but the pointed sides of his hair that hang down are the exact same style as Grooses. Postey could well have a slick pompadour of his own under there. The general face shape is similar too with both men having the prominent jaws and eye shape. With Groose having a slightly fuller face likely due to juicing heavily on stamina potions.

This leads me to believe that Groose is an ancestor of the postman. The athletic genes seem to have been passed on along with the facial structure and love of long hanging sideburns.

Considering the small population of Skyloft it is likely every Hylian after SS is related somewhat anyway but this seems more like the case of a direct descendant


Oct 24, 2012
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... actually, I think he might be on to something...

No, hold up. It's just ninty's lack of imagination causing them to reuse conceptual designs again.

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