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Great Sea is Hyrule and TERMINA?

Jan 9, 2011
Hey everyone, first, I see now that there are a lot of holes in my theory, but I still believe that at least some stuff from Termina got to hyrule. Also about Tingle, I think it's stated in one of the Tingle games that Tingle can live forever as long as he have enough rupees, thus making it no problem for him to be in multiple games, and the postman dude, I was OF COURSE reffering to the ancestor, not the three generations -.-


Jan 10, 2011
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Hey everyone, first, I see now that there are a lot of holes in my theory, but I still believe that at least some stuff from Termina got to hyrule. Also about Tingle, I think it's stated in one of the Tingle games that Tingle can live forever as long as he have enough rupees, thus making it no problem for him to be in multiple games, and the postman dude, I was OF COURSE reffering to the ancestor, not the three generations -.-
That statement comes from Tingle's Rosy Rupee Land. Yeah, that doesn't count.


Aug 24, 2010
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I'm not sure if it was that Tingle game or the next one that imply that being Tingle is a state of mind, so they're not born Tingle, they just, er, become Tingle.

Part of me wants to debate why the Tingle game wouldn't be included, when the Oracle and Four Swords games are, but every time I try to write a paragraph I remember different parts of the game and erase everything. It was closer to WarioWare than Zelda, and, like Pokemon Rangers to the main Pokemon series, doesn't really add anything relevant (that I'm aware of)


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Mar 8, 2012
1.You have no evidence that it's the same Tingle from MM. It's very unlikely too because Tingle 35 in TWW as well as MM.
2.Hyrule's not stupid. They could easily make their own postal system.
3. Where did you find that information. If you made it up yourself then you'd need real evidence.
4.That's just a simple cameo.
Apr 4, 2012
It's a separate dimension. That's not how it works. It would certainly be cool, but unfortunately, it's not possible. I do imagine that Termina was somehow affected, considering their parallel universe status, but it would not join them.
Apr 6, 2012
I think any Zelda game made after another one will have references to previous that's why there is a tingle doll in skyward sword


Jan 1, 2012
I think that the entrance to Termina that Link found was probably created with the power of Majora's mask. I don't think that there was an opening to both dimensions at the time, but the skull kid opened it with the mask. So chances are, that "portal" was closed eventually, and even if it was still there, and the water actually did travel through the portal, then there would be TWO Great Seas; one covering Hyrule, and another covering Termina. And even then, the flood was meant to cover just the land of Hyrule. If anything, the gods would've prevented the water from entering Termina's dimension, because Termina had nothing to do with Hyrule's flooding.


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Apr 6, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
Nice theory but you are forgetting one thing.

Termina is destroyed in the adult timeline.
Link still is very young when he saves termina in the child timeline but remember he got locked up for 7 years in oot en
therefore could never have saved termina.

So with saving hyrule in the adult timeline he pretty much destroyed hyrule and termina (or at least the gods did)
very sad actually You save hyrule in oot just to find out everything is flooded in wind waker , and when you start to think about what could have happened to termina you will find out that link was never there to save that.
We don't even know if Termina is separate to the split altogether. Termina is in another dimension. Just because the Hyrule dimension has split doesn't necessarily mean that the Termina one has as well.

Something to note about Locke's points, too, is that Termina is a parallel univers to Hyrule in a way. Koume and Kotaku appeared in both worlds with two separate allegiances. So what's saying Koboli's ancestor doesn't appear in Hyrule as well as Termina, as two separate people? And on top of that, Why can't the Legend of the Fairy appear in both dimensions?

That being said, though, It would be important to note that the same events that covered Hyrule possibly could have had a parallel in Termina. That doesn't mean that the Great Sea covers both Hyrule and Termina simultaneously. All it means is that the two worlds may be in the same state. Therefore I think your reasoning is wrong.
Apr 7, 2012
ok im not sure if this has been said, but i dont really believe in the idea of the great sea having both hyrule and termina field, i think it might of had a drought :O cause its a parallel universe, and has the opposite reactions


According to th explanation of the great sea there were many mountains in hyrule. Hyrule itself cound not provide that many mountains so termina and other regions could be involved


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Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
Ok, so I just had this idea that the Great Sea in Wind Waker may be a flooded hyrule+Termina, why do i say so? well, here the evidence I've found.

Tingle, who comes from Termina, appears at the great sea

The Postal system, who excisted in Termina, but not hyrule, is present at the Great sea

The post sorter Rito dude is a descendant of the postman from Termina

In the Nintendo Gallery, two masks from Termina is behind the figurine maker.

So that's the evidence I have, do you have anything to add? Have you found evidence against or for my theory? Am I completely out of my mind?


1) Tingle appears chronologically in Hyrule in The Minish Cap long before his appearance in Majora's Mask so he isn't exclusively from Termina. Also, there is a Tingle doll in Zelda's room in Skyward Sword, although that's almost certainly just an easter egg and doesn't actually mean anything.

2) A postal system does develop in Hyrule. There is one in Hyrule in (again) The Minish Cap, which comes before both Majora's Mask and The Wind Waker in the timeline.

3) Koboli, the mail-sorter Rito, does resemble the Majora's Mask postman, but this is most likely just to emphasise the relation to postal work. His figurine description in the Nintendo Gallery does mention that three generations of his family have been postmen, but considering the entire Rito tribe rely on the postal service, this is only to be expected and doesn't mean he is descended from the Terminian postman. His figurine goes on to state, "but rumor has it that an ancestor of his in an age gone by was also a postman... ", which seems to be an allusion to the Majora's Mask postman. However, since we know for a fact that the Rito are directly descended from the Zora and that postman was not a Zora, nor lived in Hyrule, it seems likely that this line was only included as a novelty and doesn't actually refer to the Majora's Mask Postman.

4) The masks you refer to in the Nintendo Gallery are simply easter eggs. There are actually 4 in total and three of them are from Ocarina of Time. The Keaton Mask, Bunny Hood and Goron Mask are all on display in the Nintendo Gallery but all three were originally from Ocarina of Time. The other mask is the All-Night Mask, which was from Majora's Mask. These most likely hold no significance whatsoever are are just there as a reference to the N64 games. Again, Skyward Sword has a similar reference to Tingle. Easter Eggs like this are found all throughout the Zelda franchise.

Termina is not just another land that is geographically near to Hyrule. It is some form of parallel dimension or 'mirror world'. It's true nature is still a bit of a mystery but the least we know is that. I don't think The Great Sea is Hyrule and Termina. That doesn't make sense and your evidence to support it is flawed.


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Apr 13, 2012
Lost Woods
Termina is in a parallel world, it is not in the same dimension as Hyrule therefore it would be impossible for the flooded world in WW to include Termina. Termina is not next to Hyrule, it's an alternate dimension.
Well, if termina is in the lost woods, there is no proof to support Termina being a alternate dimmension.

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