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Great Postgame


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Apr 7, 2019
This is a thread where we celebrate games with fantastic postgame content.

Games that has that feeling where 'it's just getting started' hits you as the credits roll. That offers so much more than the main quest and displays great generosity in rewarding players for playing through the entire campaign.

Does any game come to mind for you?

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Jan 17, 2011
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Honestly, Monster Hunter comes to mind first. That's not really the type of game with a real "ending" anyway so I don't know if that counts, but there is still a "final boss" of sorts and defeating it tends to open the door to a massive library of even more difficult quests and more impressive gear to make.

Rune Factory 4 is another that comes to mind because the Rune Prana was absolutely insane to fight through and it took me over a month to beat it.


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Jan 16, 2012
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I feel like this is sorta cheating, but Pokemon HGSS have some of the best postgame ever. Just a whole new region with tons of stuff to do and a really killer final boss, it's all pretty amazing. Beyond that, I found River City Girls has a pretty fun "postgame", which is
just the story again, but with two completely new characters with new movesets. It changes things up a substantial amount, even though all the cutscenes and dialogue remain the same.


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Nov 29, 2011
Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal (plus remakes) which had the whole of Kanto with passage of time changes to keep it fresh will always be a special post game surprise to me.

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the all time greats for post game in every regard.

Digimon Cyber Sleuth is good too. You don't get any new areas to explore but you still get compelling narrative content, cool characters and hearty challenges that easily surpass the final boss of you feel up to the challenge.


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Jun 22, 2016
Dragon quest builders 2... you just keep goin...

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Feb 4, 2016
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Pokemon Gold/Silver and their remakes. After becoming the Johto champion you can go through all of Kanto and do it again.

Skyrim has a potentially great post game. After the main quest you have Dragon born and Dawn Guard stories. Though you can do those before the main quest.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 also has plenty stories post game.
Oct 13, 2013
One could say Dragon Quest XI. But is this "post game" really post game or just more of the story? I would argue it's not post game at all. Hard to explain without spoilers. But when approx 1/3 of the story in the game is considered "post game" then it's really not post game at all.

I would say the three Diablo games have one of the best post games ever. But as everyone knows it's more a pre game and then the main game. The pre-game is levelling up and completing the story. Once the story is done and you see the credits then the main game of loot grinding begins.

For SNES games, Donkey King Country 2 and 3 both had a decent amount of good post game content. That's the 5x levels in their secret worlds. Sure you can access them before the game end but to access them all you need to finish the main game each time. One of my favourite levels is in the DKC 2 secret world - "Black Ice Battle". And "Rocket Rush" in the DKC 3 secret world is quite unique too.

The final level "Slightly Nonsense" in NightSky is also really well done. So different from the main game and you need to find all the hidden stars to access all of it. The stars are not too hard to find as once you beat the game you get told which section of which levels the stars are in.

Persona 5 does not have a post game but you can replay the game. In this replay you can summon an ultimate persona and you can also exploit the persona crafting process to make a near invincible persona. This is turns the secret boss from near impossible to beat to quite challenging. It's a huge difference and does matter. Also second time around you can max out the bonds with others you couldn't first time around. You also have more time to do stuff second time around if you played your game right first time around (those who have played Persona 5 know what this means). I found the second time around quite fun. Just make sure you collect as many personas as you can in your first playthrough. Oneshotting almost every enemy in the game for the majority of the 2nd playthrough makes it really hard to catch any persona as you need to weaken it, not one shot kill it. The solution to this is make sure you have a low level persona to start the 2nd playthrough with. Your persona levels carry over but your personal level does not.
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