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Majora's Mask Great Bay Temple


I'm back!!
So, what do you guys think about the Great Bay Temple?

As for my personal opinion, I'm having a big dissapointment: I've read hundreds of opinions of people saying the Great Bay Temple is a hellish temple, by being very hard because of the water currents, because of it's confusing and extremely difficult puzzles, and because it has some intense mini-bosses and boss. But, I've got the Ice Arrows, the map and the compass, and none of these statements is true. In fact, the Great Bay temple is only hard when you can't figure out the water currents system, or where to go, and, though I've been confused in the first hour I played through it, the temple isn't now a hard place, as I've already figured out the water currents system, and most of the times, if I do not know where to go, I do some kind of trial and error until I find the place I'm looking for, which doesn't takes much time, either. In fact, the only statement I've found was true was that there are some intense mini-bosses and boss, having fought Wart and beated him with 3/4 of a heart (I think he was going to kill me, but I desesperately tried to shot Wart in the eye, and, conveniently, he was in such a position I was able to kill him just before getting killed). So, I have a great dissapointment because the temple is relatively easy once you figure out how it works, and it's 'confusing and extremely hard puzzles' are, so far, figuring out how to use the Ice Arrows.
If it wasn't because my [stupid] self wouldn't have played the Song of Time when I got the Ice Arrows, I could probably beat the Great Bay Temple in the lapse of three days, at my first play through it, without any help from a walkthrough.

Of course, this is a personal opinion of the temple, and, considering Zelda puzzles don't trouble me too much and that I've only played through half of the temple, maybe my opinion differs a lot from other opinions.

So, what do you think, guys? Was it hard? Was it easy? Have you got stuck in a part and checked a walkthrough to see what to do next? Please tell!
Jun 24, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
Well I actually haven't played a whole lot of Zelda games, and I still thought the GBT was pretty easy. I'm also very easily confused and am never really able to figure out these complex puzzles. The temple just seemed really linear in my opinion, quite to the contrary of a lot of posts I've seen about it, as you mentioned. I don't see how people compare this temple to OoT's Water Temple; I found Great Bay one of the easiest in MM. Maybe I just got lucky though in which rooms I chose, but I just don't ever remember having to backtrack or anything like that the first time I played through it. The bosses however really very challenging to me, much more so than any other bosses in that game. That part was something I really thought that Temple excelled in.

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Feb 6, 2010
Let's see. What do I remember about Great Bay Temple.
Ah yes, I spent forever just trying to actually get to the temple since that's a hassle in itself. Then when I got to the temple I opened the door, took one glance at the temple, turned around and said... "no." After that I didn't play for a good while.
Great Bay Temple is indeed difficult. I got stuck in many a rooms just trying to figure out one thing. Fairies were also more difficult to find in this temple then the others (in my opinion) But it can also be seen as simple because it's usually one clue in each room that gets you stuck. I think what got me was that I didn't know the concept of ice arrows. That you could use them to freeze water and creatures.

Also, because this temple incorporated major technology, I think it kind of threw some people off.

I still like this temple though. It's not tedious and once you beat it one time, you'll get through most of it easily the next. After you beat it twice, you should have it down pack.


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Aug 6, 2010
I thought that the Great Bay Temple was way fun. I didn't find it too challenging once I figured out the system. The temple is very challenging and very well thought out. I didn't think that it was too hard.
Jan 28, 2010
I loved the temple. I beat it when I was 9 I think, so it was pretty intimidating back then. I thought it was a bit confusing back then but I thought it was really fun. The hardest part of that place for me was the boss. Now its a piece of cake, but back then it was a hellish experience lol.

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Sep 28, 2010
The only challenging part for me was finding how the water currents work, Wart the mini-boss(I even used a Heart Piece walkthrough to see if I was at max health And I was and Wart still almost killed me.) The dungeon boss(Gyorg) was way to easy. Finding all the stray fairies was fun and the whole dungeon itself was entertaining.


To me, the Great Bay Temple is one of the more "explorable" dungeons in the series. You're given a good amount of freedom to swim around throughout the temple before getting near the end. It's like the entire dungeon is one big puzzle that you need to figure out to make it to the end. Most other dungeons in the series consist of puzzles on a per-room basis, so it's nice to see a dungeon that takes advantage of a "central puzzle".

Most people that complain about the difficulty are probably referring to that fact; it isn't linear. The dungeon doesn't just give you one straight path to the end, holding you by the hand and bringing you to the next door. You're expected to mess around with the water flow and go around on your own. Out of the 3D games, I'd say the Great Bay Temple was the least linear. That doesn't necessarily mean I found it "extremely difficult", but for someone who is used to the linearity of dungeons, to just run into the Great Bay Temple could be confusing to them.


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Nov 28, 2009
Bel Air, Maryland
The temple was by-far much better then the Water Temple. Possibly because Nintendo LEARNED from their mistakes, and decided to take a step back. Firstly, you did not have to keep coming back and forth to the main part of the temple like the Water Temple. Secondly, their were more boss' galore and it never got boring..


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Aug 29, 2010
Atlanta, Ga
I thought that Great Bay Temple was my second favorite dungeon in MM (nothing can really beat the sheer brilliance that is "Stone Tower Temple"), but second favorite in this game still means incredible. There were so many places to swim through and the use of the ice arrows in this dungeon was put to great use. Not to mention the music for this level: it's my favorite music in the entire game. It captures the feeling and atmosphere of the temple perfectly: it is dark, desolate and somewhat soulless, much like the temple and the ancient machinery inside it.

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