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Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

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Jun 14, 2010
Graphics don't matter. Gameplay does.

Very true. Everyone does have their own opinions about graphics, some prefer the realistic style over cel-shading, but as long as the game is great and fun, graphics shouldn't be the thing to fully make you decide whether to buy a game or not.

If I did have to decide which game looks better, as much as I love TP, Skyward looks beautiful. The world is bright and vivid, and I think it works very well with the kind of game Zelda is.

Hylian Pants

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Apr 11, 2010
America's armpit
People, there is a thread called "Graphics: SS vs TP" literally not even at the bottom of the first page of this sub forum. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but please search this kind of stuff before being so quick to post...

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Nov 24, 2009
Redmond, Washington
I looked at the screen shots a couple of days ago and i notest that the grapics were worst then TP why is this?????
As Hylian Pants suggested, it's best to use the search function before posting a thread.
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and in response to the topic...
Miyamoto said:
I think it's not wise to talk about something before having the chance to test it. Only playing you can judge a game and, after E3 2002, when you all will be able to play with the new Zelda, we will talk again about it.
Miyamoto said:
What role does realism play in videogames I ask myself. Is this image more interesting? Sometimes.. however, what if a "detailed" hand with 5 fingers is catching a bottle but the fingers pass right through it? Is this still realistic? Rather than to show each meticulous and tiny detail of a finger, it is more important to make the end action look more credible by working on the movement and functionality of the arms and the hand in relation to the object.
Miyamoto said:
I think that we are exploring certain types of reality, but I believe that games should be judged by playing them not by mere appearances.
Miyamoto said:
...we want people to play the game, rather than looking at the graphics and deciding whether or not they like it based on what they see.
Miyamoto said:
I'm not convinced that beautiful graphics inherently lead to a fun game. A lot of game artists in Japan are striving for this ultimate graphical goal, and the result is you're beginning to see a lot of games that look exactly like each other When we first started thinking what the graphics should look like, we realized that Zelda wouldn't be Zelda if it looked like everything else. The rest of the team wanted to keep pushing the series to new fields graphically, and I realized that I agreed with what they had in mind, so that's why we're taking the direction we are.
These are all referring to WW, but he speaks generally, so we can apply it to all graphics decisions.
Don't judge a game by its graphics and then try to play it and have an accurate conception of how fun the game is. As an example - the opposite of your problem with SS - I got really excited about Starcraft II because of its beautiful graphics, but when I was able to play it, I noticed that the graphics didn't really enhance the gameplay at all.
Instead, first play the game, and then judge how well the graphics fit into and contributed to the mood presented by the gameplay.

Skyward Sword's graphics aren't worse than Twilight Princess'. They're different, less realistic, yet [probably - I'm not a graphics expert] higher quality. Twilight Princess was made to appeal to North American teenagers who wanted realistic graphics. Skyward Sword is supposed to appeal to Zelda fans who want to experience everything they like about Zelda gameplay and more.


A Frog
Feb 19, 2010
on my bean bag...
Skyward sword is coloured and happy-looking. The monsters are colourful. The plants are bright green. From what I have heard, it will be a very different game from TP, who had quite a dark, dismal setting. The whole graphics are very well adapted to the gameplay style, in both cases.


Jan 19, 2011
I think that the overall graphics in SS look way more polished than TP did when it was at the E3 demo stages. I bet than once the game ships the graphics will be majorly improved, like the trees and some rough patches. But then again, this is on an underpowered system so I'm not expecting anything amazing, just that extra step up from what we saw at E3.
Mar 8, 2010
For me its as simple as: TP is a step forward in graphics and SS is a step backwards. I don't mind the SS graphics but it sure was nice when people were like, "Hey those are some pretty good graphics" way back in '06. I think it's easier to get into the story with more realistic graphics.


Of the Gorons
Aug 14, 2010
Death Mountain
I like what they did with SS much better than TP. I remember when WW came out, I was immediately turned off by it's cartoonish graphics. I was really hard for me to get into the storyline because the graphics didn't weren't realistic enough for me to feel what was going on. Then when TP came out I was really excited because the graphics were soooo much more realistic than WW, but once I started playing it, the game felt really dark and sad which were brought on by the faded colors and the contrast in its realistic graphics. But now seeing that SS is realistic enough for me to feel it, but cartoonish enough to make it happier and more colorful, I think that I'll have a much better time playing it.
Oct 21, 2010
I like how intense TP is! I hate the sunny animation :mad: I don't like defeating bosses that are so cute and soft-looking! In WW, I felt bad even if the bosses were kicking my *** DX


http://www.hylianhelpdesk.com/windwaker/imgs/boss/gohma.PNG that ain't cute to me.
Mar 8, 2010
Hyrulian, imagine howw much more intense that would be with TP graphics. If TWW had TP graphics it would easily be the best Zelda ever.


I don't like you either
Dec 31, 2010
I myself was originally taken aback by the graphics when I saw the E3 trailer. But I have grown fond of them by now. I do however love both graphic styles.


Nov 9, 2010
i will go with TP because in prefer a more realistic type of graphics. i have problem with the graphics being used for SS though. i think its good that they are using more than one style of graphics. variety is good
Feb 2, 2011
Nova Scotia
the graphics in SS sword would be nicer, but they seem kind of blocky if you know what i mean. But then again since E# they must have improved the graphics, so who knows.
Jan 24, 2011
TP's graphical direction didn't feel like an "art style" so much as it felt like a certain level of texture detail (and a level of texture detail that didn't even match certain other GameCube games out at that time, mind you). People complain about things like SS's tree leaves, Link's lips, dumb-looking enemies, and so on, but if you evaluate TP fairly it has the same problems - the tree leaves look terrible (check the one on the left here in particular), Link's lips look weirdly large up close, Bokoblins look pretty dumb.

In the end it boils down to which game looks better overall, though, and I'm really liking the direction they're taking with SS vs. TP. I mean, there's no contest between the landscapes: SS and TP. SS's definitely looks like it had more effort put into giving the feel that you're part of a vaster world (instead of featuring vast, open areas), even though the areas are still small "pockets" within that world.


As much as I get a hard-on everytime I think about high def zelda, I'd have to say the developers do a great job fitting the graphics to the game.

Just by the concept art of TP, you could tell it would be a darker type of game, and there is nothing wrong with that or vice versa for SS graphics.

The graphics shouldn't make or a break a game for you, especially before release. Play the game and see if the dev's did their jobs!

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