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Graphics of Skyward Sword

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May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
This led me to think that the semi-Cell-Shaded graphics aren't permanent. Personally I liked them, I think they're a good idea, but what I think Nintendo should do (although it is unlikely) is to put an option to change graphics on the game, What do you think?

No. This graphical style is exactly like the one seen in Super Mario Galaxy 2. A lot of color and a lot of brightness is the best way to produce visuals on the Wii. There won't, and shouldn't, be an option to change the graphics in this game and I am very, very happy that it does not look like Twilight Princess. One of the biggest failures to TP was that Nintendo tried to make it look too real when it wasn't necessary. The result was pretty decent graphics, but a lot of heat from gamers from trying to produce something that the GC or Wii just couldn't really do all that well. Again, the graphics and visual style shown in Zelda Wii is likely going to be the best visuals you're going to see out of a Wii game and this is the absolute best way to go in my opinion. It is perfect.

Its just like Wind Waker. People shunned that game for looking "cartoony", when in reality, those graphics were some of the best that the Gamecube ever shelled out. It doesn't have to look "real" to look good, and I don't think Zelda needs to look particularly "real".
May 28, 2010
Actually, I believe that was the Alpha to Ocarina of Time while it was still running on a very untapped Mario 64 engine. Then it slowly changed as the developers began to take use of the technology.As for Wind Waker. The graphical style wasn't that different from what most people got. The video at space world was actually a look at what the GCN could do with it's power and was not a beta to Wind Waker in any shape or form.

I did a research, and I think you're right, the beta screenshots from OoT were of a game that never came to be (Zelda 64), my mistake. And i'm not saying they will change the cell-shaded graphics, just adjust them or give them more contrast.


Wild Card
Jun 14, 2010
Really, it just ticks me off how people say that the Cel Shading automatically makes a Zelda game "Dora the Explorer" material. I mean (sorry for the language) what the hell? Seriously, learn to use logic. WW actually has the usual dark storyline with lighthearted moments of most Zelda games, but people write it off as a "Dora the Explorer" thing just because of the style. Any Zelda fan who thinks that is a sorry excuse for a Zelda fan, period.

Well said, Master Kokiri, I agree with you. People shunned WW when it was shown with the cell shaded graphics, but does it really matter THAT much? WW's story is just as dark and bittersweet behind its "cartoony" graphics. Just because they say they'll push the graphics to be beautiful, doesn't mean it has to be realistic.

After all, you don't judge a book by it's cover, right? ;)


Nyanko Sensei
Oct 18, 2007
The Netherlands
I got mixed opinions about this.
I have nothing against cell shaded graphics, in fact i tottaly loved WW.

But something doesn't feel right. Its like they put TP link in the WW universe...
Mixing two styles is good, but at least come with a little refreshing design for link.


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Mar 13, 2010
The shadows
I liek pretty colorz *claps hands* YAY! but no, my grandad said 'Well, I like wind waker... but it's too cartoony' and I replied 'I like twilight princess, but it's too dark' then the next month... this happened. I litterally got on the ground and cried tears of joy. I love it.

Phantom Ganon

I love it!
I know people are not as big fans and are more into dark such as TP but I swear to god I couldn't see sh** when I was walking around Hyrule in TP.
I think this game might just live up to it's name!
Jun 15, 2010
i for one liked everything i saw. the graphical style looked relatively realistic while still being friendly and fun to look at.the Link we saw was more mature than toon link, so we still might have a more mature game. i like the idea of an older Link and fun graphics
May 26, 2010
What if Nintendo made it cell-shaded because of the Wii's power?

I've been thinking that they made it like that because when they release the Wii's successor, Zelda could use "realistic" graphics because the next gen system will be able to display more detailed graphics.

I think Nintendo will announce the next-gen system at next year's E3, don't they show/ release the new handhelds first then about a year later they release the new Home console!! :D Maybe we'll even see what happened with TP (2 versions, but I rather not).


Mother Hyrule
May 17, 2009
on a crumbling throne
Remember that thread where we all posted what kind of style we'd like the new game in? Yeah, I totally said that I'd want a mixture of the more anime-ish/realistic models that Twilight Princess had mixed with the beautiful cel-shading that The Wind Waker had. Like Fire Emblem. So, I'm incredibly happy that my wish has come true! Really, I never thought I'd see the day.

I'm so excited, because this type of artwork allows for a special kind of immersion into the world of Zelda. Zelda is a fairytale, and I feel like this storybook style of artwork will be the greatest way to show all the different moods of the game. It allows for darknesss and mystery and turmoil just as it allows for joy and triumph. This will really allow us to view the world in the most vivid manner to date. Personally, I think this is the greatest thing to happen to Zelda in terms of visuals. I played a fan game titled "Ballad of the Wind Fish" which is a fan remake of Link's Awakening, and I remember wishing so hard that Nintendo would do something similar... well, they did! I've been fangirling all day, and my artistic side is running rampant.

This game, in terms of visuals, will be everything that Zelda should be.


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Jan 24, 2010
Great Lakes
Some jerk closed my thread, so I guess I'll repost this here:


Ok, so I actually really like the art style in general. I am all for this sort of impressionistic cell-shading. But the trees, man, the trees! They look pathetically awful.

I hate how they just look like planes and polygons and not like real plants. Ug, I am really going to hate looking at that.

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