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Graphic Style of Skyward Sword


The Everchosen
Dec 18, 2010
Hello all!

I have been told by many people that Skyward sword's graphics are a lot different from the previous games. Some say that the game is like a drawing come alive and that the landscape is silly and childish like WW,PH, and SP. Does the gamemplay and controls make up for it or is this game totally crap? Plz let me know. Im thinking about whether or not to buy it. Although its been out for a while, its still very expensive where i come from :(

Plz tell me if its worth 178 New Zealand dollars (about 100$ US)


I make my own fate!
Oct 7, 2012
Its awesome, despite the graphics. the graphics are more like waterpaint dots across the landscape. kind of like the painting "Starry Night", where its made from dots. its really cool


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
The game is definitely not worth $100USD in my opinion. I'd save your money for something bigger and greater; sure this might be a Zelda entry, but again in my opinion it is a lesser title. Even if it were OoT, I would not say spend 178 NZ dollars. That's just unfair pricing! Wait for the game to get a price drop first. :)


Like a sir.
Apr 21, 2012
Just wondering, how much is the average new game in NZ? I think that's a big thing to consider. I also wouldn't consider it childish, it's more of a fantasy style world. Like DarkLink7 said, it's got a Starry Night look to it (as far as textures go). The art-style is actually based on Impressionist Art: where you have a lot of small strokes that make up an image, using any color but black. It doesn't look blurry though, so don't worry about that.

EDIT: This should give you an idea of what to expect-

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Random Person

Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
That is... wow. I mean... wow. No, its not worth that much. As to the opinion on graphics, it depends. The graphics are not anything to wow at in the world of video-games but in the right eye, they can be appreciated. My Personal opinion is that they do not appeal and the gameplay doesn't make up for them. Even if were opposite though, that price is too high even for really good video-games.

Azure Sage

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First, let me say this: Graphics do not make a game. They merely enhance the experience. As far as Skyward Sword is concerned, the graphics were amazing, breathtaking, stupendous- I could go on. The impressionistic, watercolor-painting style fits the franchise perfectly, in my opinion. I would be disappointed if the next Zelda didn't have this style. I'm not gonna get my hopes up that much, though...

Skyward Sword is, in my opinion, an excellent video game, and of course, extremely pleasant to look at. The gameplay is simply amazing, too. But... holy cow... I don't think it's worth $100... I think you best wait for a price drop or borrow it from a friend or something...


I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
Like many others have said, even though Skyward Sword is a must play, I do not think Skyward Sword (or any game for that matter) is worth it at such a high price. I would wait till the price goes down.


The Everchosen
Dec 18, 2010
Thanx for replying. I will wait for the price to drop. The average new game price of New zealand is 110 dollars. For some reason they overpriced SS though....
Tried looking for second hand copy in game shop. Clerk said: Nope, we dont have any, not too many people want to donate it because its a Zelda title.


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Dec 19, 2011
Where my steps might take me
At first, I GREATLY hated the graphics. I know that 'hate' is a strong word, but it's true. I despised Nintendo, for making SS with graphics like that. But once you get to play the game, your eyes will get used to it, and you'll see a rainbow after the storm; it's not all that bad, no, they're MAGNIFICENT.


Jan 10, 2011
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Oh, I forgot to talk about the graphics in my first post. Silly me.

The graphics of Skyward Sword are top-notch. Rarely have I seen more beautifully-crafted textures and scenery in any video game. It's really a shame the game had to be on the Wii due to its lack of 1080p, because it looks 10x more gorgeous in that kind of resolution. Just look at these:





That's beauty at its finest. It's too bad the Wii U won't be upscaling the resolution of Wii games. That would be so beautiful to see on my TV. @[email protected]


The Angry Mask Salesman
Aug 18, 2012
The art style is my favorite in the whole series I just love how it feels like a painting. Some of the characters are realalistic and some are like toon link style, but it just fits together so wonderfully. BTW I believe that the "toon link" games aren't cartoony or childish I think they have a very simplistic art style. Not cartoony, simplistic. But $100 is way too much to pay for the game

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