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Google Searches That Make You Look Like a Madman


Randomus Pervertus
May 13, 2010
We've all gone off on some tangent during our time online and ended up with random things in our internet histories that are seemingly completely unrelated. While browsing through my Chrome history I found the following from the same day:

"Charles Manson"
"what happens if you microwave a potato with foil on it"
"hello kitty AK-47"
"japanese/russian mafia"

Ingredients of a sinister plot perhaps? Anyone else got strange results in their internet histories that make no sense in retrospect?


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
"japan meiji astrology chart"
"acolyte of the skin"
"bitcoin exchange rate"
"can you see messages in group chats from blocked members?"
"do black people get sun burns"
"how did the 1920s give way to the 1950s"
"intercepted moon"
"my minecraft skin disappeared"
"meaning of busy signal"
"partisan spear"
"reasons for nudism"
"sexy donkey"
"they stole the sun magica"
"vesta in cancer"
"which anime character are you"
"feisty fawn"
"street philosopher"
"night vision goggles"
"pink mechanic"
"nail biting"+2008
"words that start with J"
"princess phone"
"shelless tortoise"
"I'll beat you gary"
"animated hug emoticon"
"zombie babies"
"giant paper fan"
"link full retard zelda"
"folding paper wall"
"julian assange"
"pencil *****"
"computer bed"
"bash prompt root"
"decoded feedback immortal"
"diet coke jokes"
"military grade keyboard"
"preemptive thanks"
"latin profanity"

That was all of the interesting stuff I could find in my search history, but I'm sure there's more.


An Hero of our Time
Sep 19, 2011
Right behind you in a camo suit ;)
I use incognito mode for this exact reason. :lol:

I'm sure I've looked up some pretty weird stuff though. I just don't know specifically what and thanks to my practices of not saving my history, no one else will either. :)


Zoldyck family assassin
Aug 22, 2011
Your Imagination... Is life real?! Am I real?!
Here's the story. My cat died two days ago, and I am worried that I spent more time with the new kitten than her. I wanted to check that she has not thought that I had replaced her, so I ended up searching up pysco ways to communicate with dead pets.

Purple are searches

Red is either me talking or doing something

Green is a found answer


"Talk to deceased animals"
"How to communicate with dead animals"
"How to communicate with a deceased pet"
"It looks like I found something..."
"How to communicate with the dead via mirror gazing"
(Gets creeped out by a warning saying that an unknown might come and possess you while you are asleep)
"Can you get possessed in your sleep?"
The answer is yes
"Ways to tell if you are possessed by a demon"
"Scared of being possessed"
"Scared of dying in sleep"
"Ways to not get possessed in sleep"

Ok. Creeped out now..
...So I went from pet communication to possession... Oh god....


The Sexy One
Aug 18, 2012
In your pants.
I delete my browser history every month but I found one weird string of searches:
"Pictures of people staring through windows"
"What to do if someone is staring through your window"
"Do people who stare through other people's windows go to prison?"
"people attacked in their homes in 2011"
I have no idea.

There is one other one, but it's not mad, just pretty funny.
I was on my dad's computer and decided to look at some clothes. Obviously, my dad is not a real fashionista and had no way of knowing that "f*** me shoes" are a type of stillettos. So he sat down with me and had a long talk.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
I love the thread, neat idea :D

I just think of things randomly a lot and search Google for them. Sadly I can't show all the results because and in the words of spirit "I can't post that I'd get banned". Naughty content ;) Plus I'm sure the mods have enough of my posts in their trash at the moment, I'll wait for the trash pickup so they don't start overflowing :P

"how did goku get a heart virus"
"what's wrong with being a kiss ***"
"souffle girl"
"sexy firefox"
"donut princess"
"rue died"
"giant lollypop"

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