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Google 3rd Party Comment System on the Way


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Aug 6, 2010
Another interesting thing I found yesterday was an announcement of a 3rd Party comment system that Google is working on to rival Facebook's own. We have all seen Facebook's comment system on websites around the Internet and are very familiar with it. It looks like Google wants to make their own to both promote Google+ and get on on some of that market.

However cool this is (as I really enjoy the direction Google+'s comments have gone), I really hope that they add features for multiple sign-ins to make the comments work, much like Disqus (my current favorite comment system). Facebook's current comment system requires a Facebook account to make a comment. I don't mind using my Facebook account to make the comment, but I'd like the option to have a different method for sign in on the chance that I just don't want to use my Facebook account. If Google takes this the direction of Disqus, I think that their comment system would easily surpass Facebook's thus leading to an awesome Comment system innovation unlike what we've seen yet.

What do you think about Google stepping into the comment systems? Would you use it?
David, you are extremely biased towards Google's software. Nevertheless, I recognize where you are coming from with your point of view. As an active Internet commenter, I personally would love to see what Google has up it's sleeve. Personally, comment systems such as DISQUS are a bit too rigid and not user-friendly. Google's user friendly image and easy to use products, however, will effectively change that and pave the way for a better future. I'm certainly excited for this as well.

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