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Golden Key Awards Information Thread

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This thread is for the purpose of recording the information on what the Golden Key Awards are, as well as listing the current members of the GKA Team that works behind the scenes as a part of the Volunteers.

Founded by TreeHuggerPanda in 2011 to commemorate Zelda Dungeon's 10th anniversary, the Golden Key Awards are an annual event held to celebrate the members of our community here at Zelda Dungeon's forums. It is meant to be a fun way to acknowledge other users' contributions and dedication to the forum, in "the format of the Grammys" (as described by TreeHuggerPanda).

In the words of ケンジ (Kenji):
"The GKA, rather the GRAs, The Golden Rupee Awards was started by TreeHuggerPanda. The idea came from a Shoutbox Conversation. She wanted to celebrate ZD's 10 anniversary through a way of awarding. Everyone liked the idea and many users banded together to start the first one. As soon as the GRAs ended, she left it to me, K4KING to handle it, when in fact, I left it to the People I know who can do an even better job than me. TreeHuggerPanda, Po, Ms. Pandamonium, Thank you. I dedicate this, and all succeeding events to you."
The Golden Key Awards are held every summer, beginning on July 7th and running until the middle of August. The rules are as follows:
  1. You cannot nominate yourself or a user who is currently banned. If you do so, the nomination will be ignored. You are allowed to vote for a user in a category that they won last year, assuming they haven't taken it upon themselves to be excluded from that category.
  2. Do not use this event to make fun of other users. The GKAs are meant to be a celebration of the ZD member base.
  3. You can only nominate or vote for the same member three times in different categories.
  4. A member can win a maximum of three awards. If a user wins more than three, they will be allowed to decide which award(s) they want to keep in their desired category.
  5. You cannot ask friends to nominate you. Nominations must not be biased or unfair, so try to be as impartial as possible.
  6. If a category has only one nominee overall, that person will win the category by default.
  7. A member may withdraw from the awards or a specific category if he/she consults a member of the event staff; meaning that any nominations for the person in the awards overall or in the specified category will not be counted.
  8. You can choose not to nominate members for certain categories. It's entirely up to you which categories you actually nominate people for.
  9. You may nominate a maximum of three members in each category.
  10. You can only post ONCE in the nomination thread. You may edit your nominees until the deadline. If you have any questions, please PM a Community Coordinator or one of the GKA Team members instead of posting in the threads about it.
The current GKA Team is as follows:
This thread will be updated in the event that any of this information changes.

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