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Gildragon Sings "Bella Notte" from Disney's Lady and the Tramp in English and Italian

Hey everybody welcome to the first video that features me singing with a shaved head AND no beard. shocking I know but not to worry it may return someday.
Anywhoo, This video is well overdue but its another disney song. This time it's Bella Notte From Disney's Lady and the Tramp. First I sing the song in English and following I sing the Italian version of the song. Now I probably prounounced a couple of vowels rung but gimme a break I'm a little rusty at foreing languages seeing I dont' actually know how to speak them but I think this is pretty close

Link: YouTube - Gildragon - "Bella Notte" from Disney's Lady and the Tramp - English Italian

As always please comment in the thread as well as on youtube


Game Over
Nov 9, 2009
Land of Shattered Hopes
Wow, Gildragon. You have a wonderful singing voice.
We could use someone like you in our Choir, all of the Tenors and Basses are gone.:(

But, I love the song, and the movie wasn't bad either.

Congratulations! You've earned the offical "Tak's Thumbs Up"!

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