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Getting to Know the Heroes Behind The Legend

Mar 2, 2012
Have you ever wondered what Link is feeling? What goes on in his head when he finds out that he is the savior of Hyrule? I have. And what I want to see is an insight into the head of the man behind The Legend: Link. Now one person has suggested we have already seen this. I recently read a thread by Jesse ( If you have not seen Jesse's thread in Zelda Theory, please do. It's pretty interesting). In it he talks about how Termina is not an actual place, but a representation of Links psyche. (Which would explain why everyone looks the same with the exception of a few people). Now this I find this theory very plausible because throughout Ocarina of Time, Link is abused and bullied by Mido, doesn't really fit in because he's not Kokiri, having to leave his home in the forest at a young age to get the Spiritual Stones, not being able to save the Great Deku Tree, returning to his home to find out that his mother is dead, and then having the Deku Sprout impart to him that he has prevent the destruction of Hyrule. And on top of that, because Zelda sends Link back in time he isn't credited with defeating Ganon( at least in the Child Timeline anyway). All Link did when he got sent back in time was tell the king of Ganondorf's evil plans. So Link isn't known as the hero. Just the kid that warned the king of the foreboding future. Another common motif is that Link becomes the fall guy and is used by people. All of this must have taken an emotional toll on Link so he created a "playground" in his mind to discover who he really is. And that "playground" was Termina. I hope Nintendo makes a game where Links emotions are explored. Sort of Like Metroid: Other M. Minus the part where Link talks. Although I wouldn't mind if Link gave his input or comments in a text box ( Like Phoenix Wright). I think it would be great because instead of using Link to strengthen our bonds with the people of Hyrule or whichever land he's in, we strengthen our bond with Link. And that is important because just as his name implies, he's our only connection to Hyrule. He's the bridge into this mystical fantasy world which we all know and love. And if we want to see the world of Zelda in a whole new perspective. We have to see Link in a new perspective. So would you like to see Link laugh, or cry, be happy, sad, or angry, confused, worried, or even scared. Or would you like him to keep that stoic, indifferent persona he wears throughout his adventures?
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