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Gerudo Men? Y U NO APPEAR?!


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Nov 29, 2010
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There could be somewhat of a connection between the Gerudo of Hyrule and the Cobble of PH. They were also a desert dwelling people that commonly had the similar characteristics of red hair, yellow eyes, and darker complexion. Their civilization was closely modeled after Egypt and held many common traits including their costume and monuments like their pyramids.

Astrid may resemble a Gerudo just a little too much

However there are a lot of examples of various males among the Cobble, not only in the King, but the knights you encounter, Zauz, and even Kayo. So they only seem to resemble the Gerudo in basic appearance and the fact that they seem to be a relatively desert dwelling people as well. They had a successful kingdom that served the ocean king and made many monuments and artifacts. While the Gerudo were a race of thieves that lived on the fringes of society. As well as having both sexes commonly among the population.

One thing to think about though, the ancient Cobble King Muto shares the same name as the leader of the carpenters that left Hyrule to join the Gerudo in OoT. And as we learned in OoT, someone from the Hylians actually can join the Gerudo. The carpenters seemed to understand this and the Gerudo did allow Link to join them.
"They said working as carpenters isn't cool, and they went to the Gerudo's Fortress to become thieves..." — Carpenters' Boss

Say, you must want to become
one of us, eh?
All right, then!
You're in from now on!
Take this. With it, you will
have free access to all areas of
the fortress!
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May 20, 2012
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Possible factors are speculated whenever we fans discuss about this topic. It is possible that maybe the Gerudo females don't mate until a cycle of 100 years has passed. This would then be a sacred ritual that they continue to keep a tradition, thus they select a one female to be the one to have the son who will become the future King of the Gerudo. This is just my belief of why only one male is born every 100 years in the Gerudo tribe.

How would there be new female gerudos? They aren't all like Kotake and Koume!


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Jun 15, 2012
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I had another thought- Ganondorf doesn't die in the sense that's it he's dead and gone. In OoT he gets sealed in the sacred realm, for example. So, a new Gerudo male can't be born until he dies.


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Jul 6, 2011
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Well since Ganondorf was the last to be born there has been no need for another. Perhaps none is born whilst the other still lives. Ganondorf lives forever therefore there is unlikely to be a Gerudo male ever again. The man becoming the king is no longer a thing in FSA since Ganondorf is only a guardian in that game, this eliminates the need for a male to come allong. Ganondorf just did because he's Ganondorf and has to be reborn.

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