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Geometry or Algebra?

Pick a math

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Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
I generally suck at math. But ANYWAY I thought this would be an interesting topic to go over. Out of those two, which is your favorite/which are you better at? They are each types of math, but are very different from each other. To refresh your memory in case it's needed:

Geometry deals with shapes. If you're figuring out how much carpet you'll need for a room, you're using geometry.

Algebra is the math with letters in it, most of the time x and y. It's the kind of math used mostly in computer programming.

I sucked so bad at algebra that the teachers felt sorry for me and I had to take TWO summer school courses, they had me come in before it even started to work on getting my grade to passing. To this day, the only algebra I ever want to hear of is what mermaids wear :lol: Algae, bra...please tell me you get it. Geometry was a lot less of a nightmare, it just made more sense because I could picture it better. Triangles, squares etc are something you can see in real life. 2x + y...not so much.

How about you?

Hsien Ko

Thread murderer
Dec 12, 2012
I loved math when I was in highschool. The most fun I had was algebra, it helped to make the day quicker in school. Personally I sucked so bad in Geometry, it was my poison.

Heroine of Time

Rest in peace, Paris Caper...
Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
I prefer Algebra. I'm not fond of Geometry. Now, to be fair, I've done a lot more of Algebra, so perhaps that's why I like it more. More years of training in that subject has made me better at it. But I'm bad at remembering -- and hate memorizing -- all the equations that go along with certain graphs and so on with Geometry. I didn't mind proofs, though. That's Geometry, right? But yeah. I actually kind of like solving equations in Algebra. Something about slowly eliminating like terms and factoring out numbers and variables is more appealing to me than... whatever you do in Geometry.


Quid est veritas, Claudia
Feb 9, 2010
AUGH. I hate Geometry so much. It is in the top 3 worst classes I've ever had. Don't get me wrong, I like GENERAL Geometry, like shapes and volume and stuff. But... two column proofs. The inverse and converse and contrapositive crap. I hate that stuff so much. But I love Algebra. Well... I used to love it a lot more, I don't love it anymore, but I don't dislike it, I just do it :P


Sep 21, 2013
The Expansion
I'm not really one to talk considering my... more than fresh mind. Er, but that doesn't mean I haven't had some experience. Anyways...

They're both lots of fun, but algebra beats geometry for me. It just comes more naturally for me. I'm kind of on the same boat as Heroine, it's just plain more appealing to me.
Jul 1, 2013
I prefer algebra. Ironically, it was probably the more difficult kind of math for me to learn, when I was twelve or whatever, but after using it so much it's become second nature. I'm not bad at geometry, for sure, but I'm definitely more comfortable working with equations than I am with shapes or graphs or any kind of spatial reasoning in general.

I also get a peculiar satisfaction from algebra, like some sort of dopamine rush or something. Same with calculus. Geometry just doesn't excite me like other branches of math; I think I'm probably too left brain dominant for it.


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
As a person who loves math, I love both subjects. However, I have to say that Algebra is probably the one that is more important than Geometry. Geometry is a basis to Algebra and you really can't do much without Algebra no matter where you go, you are going to use Algebra. Heck even in my Calculus II course, the roots go all the away back to Algebra and Algebra. :D
Feb 23, 2011
Aside from the bare basics, I am not very good at math; I'd say I'm just above decent at algebra. However, there is one exception, and that's geometry. I'm really, really good at it, so that's it.


BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
I have always been very good in math, and love doing it. Of the two, I honestly preferred geometry more. I think that has to with the fact that my teacher freshman year had me take geometry as a summer class so I can basically skip it. Six weeks instead of ten months. Due to this, I didn't grow as bored of it as I algebra does to me. Having to repeat equations day after day was exhausting.

Not to mention, I freaking love proofs. Probably one of the only people in the world. Seriously, though, I had such a fun time doing them (that and the teacher who taught the summer class was crazy and called them "adorable" every morning". Uh, yeah, those two triangles are congruent! How do I know? Well, obviously if all three sides are congruent than the triangles must be too. Seriously, brah.


Demon slayer
Jan 29, 2010
Algebra. Hands down. I dare actually call algebra fun.

Fun fact: at one point in history, people practiced algebra as a form of art.

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