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GCC Round 10: Voting James Bond Theme

GCC Round 10 James Bond Voting

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Jan 31, 2010
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Angel of Darkness
The winner of the Maerio Theme Round 9 is: DAN. Congrats!!!

Okay for this Round I got 2 entries. I received Dan's entry just after the deadline passed but because I only received one entry I decided to allow Dan's entry.

The next theme will be: DARK CREATURES. This can be monsters and villains. You can create whatever you want. Send your entries to me through pm. Deadline is Nov 25 00.00 ET.

Okay here are this round's entries:


I'd like to congratulate Dan for the win. His Mario piece was very quirky and detailed.

I love both submissions. You can tell both artists put a lot of work into the competition. Ultimately I prefer Lazarusryu's piece, however, because it's a great testimony to James Bond's long cinema history. He skillfully displays the variety of actors playing Bond throughout the years. The background is classic through and through as well. Once more, a noteworthy job on both guys' parts.


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May 26, 2010
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I picked Dan's entry over Laz's (no offense Laz :P)...to me, Dan's entry feels like it flows better, whereas I can still seen the "cardboard cutouts" of each character in Laz's piece. Doesn't look like one cohesive whole, and it needs a bit more work. I still liked both, though, and they're better than anything I could accomplish! xD


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Jul 31, 2010
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I voted for Dan, because his looks better overall. My biggest gripe with Laz's theme is how awkward Daniel Craig's gun looks. The text is also very bland. Other than that, it looks fine. I just feel that Dan's has more of an edge because it focuses on just one Bond.

And no, my bias has nothing to do with it. I mean, Pierce Brosnan was only the best Bond ever, so what? :D


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Apr 20, 2010
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Congrats, Mr. Dan. :clap: It was nice competing with you.

Lazru: Your graphics looks great yet simple. Nice work!

Dan: It really pops out! Looks fantastic!

My vote goes to Dan


Jul 26, 2010
Hmmm... I'm not going to vote on this one, but I think I might have some helpful critique :)

Laz - First of all, you need to be saving in png format! This not only keep the image more crisp, it looks just a lot better, so keep that in mind! I know how hard it is to find renders and for the most part you did a really great job rendering. Rendering is tricky and is arguably one of the most hardest things to learn. I would experiment with different text, but that for me was always difficult. Try straying from solid colours and plain fonts. The concept in general of this piece is pretty good, try experimenting with textures! Keep practicing!

Dan - I think what you did with the text was a really great concept, the blood could be more realistic, but it's nice. I feel like the render is too realistic from the glass type-thing you did here. It almost looks like an ice texture, you could lower the opacity on it and it would look a bit better imo. The drop shadow is working pretty well, I might have lowered the opacity on that as well. Overall, good job, and keep improving.
Jan 1, 2011
I'm for Dan on this one. In my opinion the picture is great. It has a good flow in the picture -render- And the colours mix very well and good.

And you didnt over do it with the red in the picture as well, which makes it greater ;)
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