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GC Game Performance

Dec 5, 2011

Just recently bought Wind Waker, and actually got a Gamecube while buying the game.

Now the question is, should I play the game on the Gamecube, or on the Wii?

Is the performance exactly the same?



Jun 22, 2011
From my own experience I would say it's the exact same, but I could easily be wrong. I've played plenty of GC games on my Wii with no problems whatsoever. New models of the Wii can't play GC games though (in North America only I believe), but I'm assuming you have one of the earlier ones.


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Mar 6, 2011
The Lost Woods
I've played the game using both systems, and I believe they work just the same. Now on which one to play the game on, well that's your decision and it's your choice. But for my opinion, I would play it on the GameCube for Nostalgia reasons :P. Also if you just got the GameCube with the WW, I would put your new toy to good use. :)


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Sep 17, 2011
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I had a Wii and a GC together for a while and I played both of them with GC games and there wasn't a difference, except that I had to change my TV display to 4:3 for GC games on the wii because it runs on 16:9
Nov 26, 2008
Outside of glitches in the Wii's GC emulator or some other weird problems, it should be exactly the same; you're playing the exact same game on the same disk on different hardware. I never noticed any glitches or problems.
Dec 5, 2011
Thanks for all the replies.

Think I'll try to connect the GC, and play it on that for nostalgic reasons.

I have never owned a GC before now, so it's gonna be good fun I think. :)

Gonna play TWW when I'm done with MM, wish I had the Oracle games as well. :S

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