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Ganon's Role in SS??


Young Link
Mar 31, 2010
I think they won't bring him back in SS, but...I like your third idea, kinda like how ganondorf came to being.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
Although I kinda doubt that Ganondorf will actually be in SS, I do have an idea or a hope that he will appear in the game. I believe that if he does appear in the game, that his role won't be that of a villian, but yet of a young Gerudo child/teenager who is being groomed to become the future ruler of the Gerudo theives. I think that he and Link may cross paths a few times in the game, maybe even with Ganondorf helping him out a few times (yes, I know crazy, but hey I think that during this time, he isn't the power-hungry demon that we all know him as). Also maybe along the line, we'll actually get to see what caused Ganondorf to become such an evil guy. I believe that there's got to be something more than just him being jealous of Hyrule's lush lands that triggered him to begin hungering for the Triforce. Maybe something really bad happens to him during the course of the game or maybe after researching ways of trying to get Gerudo Valley to prosper or during the course of his training to become ruler, he discovers the Triforce's existance and then begins to develop a lust for it? I don't know, but I believe that we'll find out if he does appear in the game.

Anyway, yeah, that's what I think his role will be in SS.


Feb 6, 2010
Bournemouth, UK
I really cannot see your number 2 or 3 coming true.
I'm going to have to go with your number 1.
I don't think Ganon will be in SS for 2 reasons. The first one is the point that the Master Sword hasn't been made so what would we be using to defeat him with? Also, I don't think that Miyamoto wants to overuse because people will just get bored of fighting the same enemy in ever Zelda game. They need a fresh idea for an antagonist, and seeing as they are adding a sort of sword dueling aspect into this game, perhaps they could introduce an enemy who has a similar physique and build to Link and uses his sword predominantly.


Feb 24, 2010
Eh, I'd prefer it if he didn't make an appearance. Not because of any timeline issue (because I honestly couldn't give a flying ****) but because I'd rather see a new villain. If I'm forced to see him I'd rather he not be named. Picture traveling into the Gerudo desert and having a singular male without any dialogue there. No confirmation on who or what he is. Then everyone gets something new to complain about.


very similar to my third idea, knowlee. i totally agree :)
Jun 1, 2010
1 I think is likely but I don't think Ganondorf's existence has anything to do with the Master Sword.
2 I would bet everything I own that it wouldn't happen.
3 I don't agree with Ganondorf being the villain. The King of Hyrule trusted Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time.
Ganondorf may exist in this game but by no means will he be well known. I am sure of that.

Phantom Zelda

Mostly Harmless
May 25, 2010
East Clock Town
1.Maybe, but there is FSA, LoZ, and AoL...
2. Would be pretty awesome but never going to happen any time soon :(
3. Also pretty cool but I doubt he will be in the game at all...
There you go :)
Jun 29, 2010
In response to Yann: Miyamoto doesn't want to overuse villains? Are you serious? Just look at the Mario series and Bowser. Anyway, I don't want Ganon(dorf) to be in this game. He has been in three out of four 3D home console games so far. What about Vaati being the villain? He needs one more appearance to solidify himself as Link's secondary nemesis.
Jan 19, 2009
Temple of Time
I don't think Ganon will even be in the game. I know lots of people say that if the Master Sword is in the game, then Ganon has to be too. But if this game has the origins of the Master Sword, there may be a completely new villain behind everything. As in ganon might not even exist.

On the other hand, if ganon would be in the game, I would want to know alot about him during the course of the game. Nothing like in TP when we just hear a little bit about him at the end, then end up battling him. Either way, I would be happy if he would or wouldn't.
This game is beffore MC. Vatti's origin is in MC, Ganon's origin is in OoT. Both of which is after ZSS. But Majora's origins are still unmentioned. So it might be majora, but no chance of Vatti or Ganon. (I was so disipointed when I found out that the beggining of the ZSS trailer was just the history of zelda. No Mask Sequal? DX)


Aug 25, 2008
I don't expect Ganon making an appearance whatsoever in this game, seeing as it clearly predates far from Ocarina of Time (even The Minish Cap if you believe such), and the possibility of a Ganon even before then is very slight. Vaati has yet to be seen in a console title, and The Minish Cap seems to be his first appearance, so I'm unsure as to him. I have a vibe however, that there may not be a primary antagonist whatsoever, rather multiple or even simply the forces of evil.

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