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Games You Wish Were Real


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Apr 7, 2019
What are some games, perhaps some cool, some nice or some really out-there, weird, wacky and unpredictable games - that you've heard of or ideas you've come up with yourself - that you wish were real?

I wanted the rumored Star Fox Grand Prix developed by Retro to be real so bad. The concept of it seemed so awesome and promising.

I've always wanted a Breath of the Wild Battle Royale too. The map of the game, or a closed-off portion of it, would be ideal as the kind of vast, desolate spaces that makes Battle Royale games so tense.
I've always wanted 'Valley of the Flood' to be real. The supposed lost game between OoT and WW featuring a hero that couldn't stop the rain.

I also wanted F-Zero 3DX to be thing.


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Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
Been thinking about Disney lately and how much I'd like to see them produce some triple A games. Marvel has currently been upping their game with Spider-Man and now Avengers, and we just got Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I'm currently playing Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and I can't stop thinking about how cool it would be to get a Pirates of the Caribbean game in that style. Even a cel-shaded 3D Aladdin game in the style of Assassin's Creed would be awesome. I was a huge fan their Castle of Illusion remake and I really dug the idea of Epic Mickey, but Disney is sitting on so much potential.

Instead of remaking all their goddamn films into soulless live action films, I'd rather they remake them into triple A video games. I wouldn't even mind if they turned the original Star Wars trilogy into a game similar to Jedi: Fallen Order. They definitely have the money to do so.

I also want Tales of Warriors!

A Musou game with the Tales of series.

They have one called Twin Brave on the PSP but it was Japan only, not made by Tecmo, and kinda crap.

I honesty don't know how or why it hasn't happened yet. Tales loves a crossover title.


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Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
Whenever I play Overwatch I think of two things: how much I want a TimeSplitters revival, and how much I want a badass Van Helsing game.

McCree has a skin called Van Helsing and it's not only his best skin, hands down, but one of the best in the whole game.

Whenever I see or use this skin it kind of upsets me that it's in Overwatch and not the protagonist of its own game. Look at this dude! Do you not want to see this dude hunting werewolves and vampires and witches? God, I do!

I envision some kind of FPS or immersive sim type game set in a Gothic Victorian/faux-Eastern Europe setting that involves investigating monster attacks, exploring intimidating mountains and forests, and fighting powerful supernatural creatures with specialised weapons and equipment, most notably his revolver.

Damn, that looks cool. I love the wood finish and the sharp points. It looks like it was built to kill werewolves and revenants. I can imagine loading this think with silver bullets to take on werewolves and switching to blessed bullets for zombies. Maybe even special bullets with tips full of holy water or etched with crucifixes to hurt vampires and succubi.

He also has a crossbow on his back, which could shoot flaming bolts, or be used to attach ropes to high places like in Thief. Give him crucifixes, jars of holy water, hell, give him a whip! Make some of these things holy relics you have to seek out and make it possible to upgrade them in different ways. You'd have to go to smiths to commission these weapons and upgrades, or help out the local priest so he'll agree to bless your gear for example. You could even recover monster parts to give your gear new properties.

The McCree skin has some kind of glowing gauntlet on his left arm. Ooh, what's that for? What does that do? Does it trap the essence of vanquished monsters? Does it let him handle evil artefacts that would otherwise kill him? Does it give him magic powers or let him steal the traits of the creatures he hunts? Does it slow or contain some kind of curse that Van Helsing has to try to remove before he dies, or worse becomes the very thing he has vowed to destroy?

All of this is based on the idea that the monsters aren't just generic mooks littering the world but big threats that require preparation and skill to defeat. Gathering information should be as important as good aim because there's nothing worse than building a vampire up as some supremely powerful threat only to have it die after getting shot in the chest a few times. Make some NPCs werewolves and you have to identify them with actual investigative work. You have find the resting places of vampires before you can destroy them for good. Curses require rituals to remove. All of this requires investigation and preparation before you can even begin thinking about fighting things.

Have a bit of an open world with a major Gothic city surrounded by mountains and forests and rivers with villages littered about. Van Helsing would have to travel around, following the trail of monsters, speaking to locals about recent happenings and local legends. Cover the land with crypts, ancient castles, and caves. Put an unreasonably large network of sewers beneath the city. A mysterious monastery in the mountains. An abandoned hunting lodge in the deep forest. A ship with no crew that moors in the harbour. Mist and fog. Unnaturally long nights. A huge moon in the sky. Eyes in the forests. Whispers in the dark. Spooky ****.

God, I want this so bad. The closest thing to what's in my head is possibly Witchfire, but even that's only in regard to aesthetics.

Can you feel that? That atmosphere? Oooh :rosa:

:keese: I wish this were a thing so much :keese:


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Sep 9, 2019
I wish Banjo-Threeie were real instead of having Nuts & Bolts exist. I also wish that Dinosaur Planet were real instead of the awkward mess that was Star Fox Adventures. Maybe just wishing that Rare never left Nintendo to begin with as well? Also Pikmin 4. That needs to be real. Although it could easily be real one day, the fact we've gone from "oh it's under development" in 2017 to complete silence makes me sad.


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Oct 13, 2013
A good 3D Zelda and good 3D Mario game released exclusively to the Gamecube.
That never happened and it never will.

Four Sword Adventures and Thousand Year Door I consider 2D as that's what they kind of are, they are not really fully 3D. Those don't count.

Maybe just wishing that Rare never left Nintendo to begin with as well?
RARE never left Nintendo because Nintendo never owned them to begin with. They both just had a nice working relationship. RARE wanted Nintendo to buy them out and Nintendo said no. Later on MS made the offer and it was accepted. The rest of the story we all know.


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Jan 22, 2016
United States of America
A good Godzilla game where it gives me Godzilla, other kaiju, and the freedom to explore and destroy cities at my leisure. Like Rampage, but Godzilla-fied.

The PS4 Godzilla game was pretty awful, and Destroy All Monsters Melee wasn't quite what I was after.

You'd think that'd be so simple, as it'd be so much fun damaging a city as Godzilla, or kaiju of your choice, but, alas, such a game doesn't exist.


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Dec 26, 2017
A good console pokemon game. Maybe once Gamefreak goes bankrupt Yeah right

Another impossible game I would want was Pokemon but with Monster hunter gameplay and mechanics, so basically Monster Hunter Stories but reversed. There is no way in hell they'd ever let you kill pokemon though.

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