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Games You Want To Be Announced


Jul 1, 2012
As fans of the gaming world, we know that games take time, which usually leads to us having to wait, a lot.

So we do have to be patient a lot of the time, especially for those big games; however, sometimes there might be a game that you literally can't wait for, but has yet to be announced. For me this was GTAV, it took its time, but the official announcement really got my hopes up; even if I did have to wait another few years till its release :/

So for me, at the moment, I want Fallout 4 to be announced already, I've been waiting ever since I completed New Vegas - it's been too long in my opinion. So any games that you would love to be announced and why?

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Jul 2, 2011
A new F-Zero game. We've been longer overdue for the next installment of this great series. Nintendo needs to show some love for Captain Falcon and all the other racers with F-Zerio UX (cheesy title, yeah, but that'd be my first guess as to what it's called).

Another Starfox game. Not as dormant as F-Zero, but I'm aching for another installment. Hopefully it'll bring back the same gameplay and fun as seen in Starfox 64 and do away with the finicky on-foot sections as seen in Assault.

I'd also like a sequel to a game called Metal Arms: A Glitch in the System. This game was a somewhat obscure title for 6th generation consoles. It was a very fun game, and the ending hinted at a sequel. Sadly, the development team, Swingin' Ape Studios, was bought out by Blizzard, and all plans for a sequel were shelved. In my dreams, however, this game will come to fruition, and the Metal Arms name will live on.


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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Fallout 4

Seriously, that's the only game I'm waiting for right now and it hasn't even been announced.


Apr 22, 2011
World of Warcraft's successor, Blizzard's next MMORPG project: Titan, I believe it was rumored to be called.

Half Life 3.

3 words in that sentence.. a number 3 in that sentence.. coincidence? >>> hl3 will be announced 3 weeks from now, the proof is right here


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May 26, 2010
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A Wii U sequel to Fire Emblem: Awakening (you know you want it!)

Nope. I want another FE for the 3DS; console just isn't FE's place.

Anyway I want Kingdom Hearts III--whoops nvm, I got it this past E3 <3
I'd like to see the true 3D Mario game announced. And, if Star Wars Battlefront (DICE) isn't it, I want Star Wars Battlefront III finally announced.
Jul 1, 2013
Eagerly awaiting "X" to be fully revealed

Will die if Metroid doesn't come to Wii U

ZeldaU of course

Sequel to Kirby: Canvas Curse on Wii U would be amazing

That's pretty much it for now.
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Mar 17, 2012
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Battalion Wars 3

I know it'll never happen but the Wii U would be the perfect home for this franchise. You could use the TV, control sticks and buttons to play as the individual soldiers or vehicles and use the squad-based commands from the previous games but the second screen could display a map of the entire battlefield and have you direct troops on a larger scale by just touching enemies you want attacked or drawing lines for squads to follow and such like. It'd allow for Battalion Wars to really open up and provide some more complex missions on a larger scale since. On top of that the art style would look gorgeous in HD.

Another 3DS Mario Kart

Again, something that will never happen, but Mario Kart 7 is the best game in the series and I would love for it to have a follow up or even just a DLC pack with 4 new grand prixs and some new characters (like Waluigi). I suppose Mario Kart 8 will satisfy my thirst for new Mario Kart but it'd be great to have new tracks to master while I'm on the bus or bored at a wedding or something.

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